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Asians most definitely.

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Q: What nationality is the worst at driving?
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Drinking and driving or smoking marijuana and driving which is worst?

drinking and driving is worst because you can't concentrate whaen your drunk, but being stoned actually helps you concentrate

What is the worst time of day to be driving in a car?

during school hours

Best day of the week to be off?

friday...its reported as the worst for traffic and driving

Who is worst at driving in tokio hotel?

Gustav since he doesn't have a license yet

Name the nationality where you drop the first letter and rotate the second letter 180 degrees to name another nationality?

I bet we are in the same class at 8 a.m. at Youngstown State University. This is driving me crazy figuring this out.

What is the worst case scenario regarding driving on a damaged right axle?

coming off. 65;

Defensive driving simply means being prepared for the worst and always being alert?


Are you sure i need a passport to travel to jersey is a driving license ok?

It depends on your nationality. Driving licence fine if you are an EU citizen just need something issued by the government that's photo id eg: citizen card,driving licence.

What is the worst thing about Mobile?

The worst thing about mobile phones is the users. Some users get addicted to their phones and feel that they always need to be in contact with someone. When they dial or text while driving this becomes life threatening to both themselves and to those that they crash into while driving distracted.

What is the worst case scenario for a ticket for crossing left of center and driving under the influence IF you are still are below the legal BAC?

One could be charged with driving to endanger or reckless endangerment or other crimes. A ticket is not the worst case scenario; killing yourself or others is. Call a cab.

Whats the worst for driving with no license?

It is possible to get jail time for driving with no license and have a warrant issued for your arrest if you don't pay your fees. Consequences vary from county to county and state to state.

Are driving test hard?

The written part of driving test are sometimes the worst part of it. Those you actually have to study for. The actual driving part of the test can be nerve wracking with the tester sitting right there. Not hard enough looking at crash statistics!