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Q: What natural resource attracted Spanish settlers to Hispaniola?
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Was Hispaniola Spanish or Mexican?


What is hispaniola?


What is the cuture of Hispaniola?


What did Christopher Columbus build on Hispaniola?

The new settlement that Christopher Columbus tried to establish on Hispaniola was called La Navidad. The settlers were all killed and the settlement was burned by local tribesmen.

The reaction of free and enslaved tainos to the spanish presence in Hispaniola?

what was the reaction of free tainos to the spanish presence in hispaniola

Who were first Amerindian to contact the Spanish?

The Arawack of Hispaniola(or Haiti) encountered the Spanish first.

The first major center of Spanish exploration of the Americas was in?


What is the spanish speaking country on the island of Hispaniola?

The Dominican Republic

Is hispaniola in Mexico?

Hispaniola used to be what is now known as Dominican Republic and Haiti. That name was given by the Europeans specially the Spanish conquerors.

What are the two nations that make up Hispaniola?

Hispaniola is an island in the Caribbean. It is made up of two Spanish speaking countries, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

When was sir francis drake's third voyage?

1785. His attacks on Hispaniola and Spanish Florida precipitated the Spanish Armada.

The first Spanish Colony set up in the New World was located on .?