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End of slavery, right of all men to vote, and applying the Bill of Rights to state governments (before, it was only to the federal gov.)

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Q: What new Constitution right were ushered in during the Reconstruction Era?
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What laws were passed during the reconstruction?

What laws were passed during the reconstruction?

What did many Southern States used to limit right during Reconstruction?

black codes

What political figure to restrict African Americans right during Reconstruction?

Andrew Johnson - APEX

Which constitutional question was central to the issue of Reconstruction?

During Reconstruction, the constitutional question the government was concerned about was giving African Americans the right to vote. They were also concerned about their civil rights.

When ratified the Constitution did not contain a Bill of Right?

In 1789 during the ratification process, the Constitution did not include a Bill of Rights.

Discuss the economicsocial conditions of blacks in the South during Reconstruction?

Most African-Americans in the South made their living as sharecroppers and were poor. Reconstruction protected their right to vote and to seek public office.

During which period of time did African Americans in the South enjoy the most freedom?

During the reconstruction according to study island this is true i just took question and its right

What is the status of african americans during reconstruction?

Granted by the 14th and 15th Amendment they were US citizens to all effects and had the right to vote.

Who was the right to vote extended to during the time of the ratification of the constitution?

All free blacks.

Have African Americans once given the right to vote ever belong to the Republican Party?

When African Americans were first guaranteed the right to vote during Reconstruction, most of them voted for Republican candidates. This was because Southern Whites who were against Reconstruction mostly belonged to the Democratic Party.

How did the Republicans in Congress amend the Constitution to further their Reconstruction program?

They passed the Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments to guarantee equality under the law and the right to vote. Both amendments counteracted efforts by the President, the southern states, and the courts to block Congress's Reconstruction program.

What was the 1930s reconstruction?

The Reconstruction Era was the period of time following the Civil War when Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson worked to bring the South back to normal as quickly as possible. Slaves were freed during Reconstruction, giving black men the right to vote for the first time in 1867.