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What new methods were practiced during the scientific revolution?


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the main change was:doubt everything unless you can prove it. this now forms the basis of scientific methods


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The three most important inventions during the Scientific Revolution are microscopes, telescopes, and thermometers.

During the scientific revolution many discoveries made did change the whole aspect of science.

Connections to Scientific Revolution: The Enlightenment was a program to reform political, economic, and social aspects of European life by using the Scientific method established during the Scientific Revolution. The movement was based on the discoveries and knowledge of the Scientific Revolution.

One way that science changed during the scientific revolution was to cause people to question their scientific beliefs. They were curious, they wanted to know more about the world that they lived in. The scientific method was important during this time.

A lot of knowledge from philosophers and scientists during the renaissance era spurred the scientific revolution. The scientific method was endorsed as a means to gather evidence, and formed the foundation of modern science in the scientific revolution.

During the scientific revolution is the foundation of modern science. The scientific revolution began in Europe, and was a time of vast advances in scientific knowledge in such fields as astronomy, biology and physics, among others. New ideas were advanced, and many new discoveries were made.

The scientific revolution began during the end of the Renaissance era. It lasted throughout the 17th and 18th centuries.

During the Scientific Revolution, scientists standardized the way of proving their ideas through empirical evidence and inductive reasoning. This became the modern scientific method.

A lot of what the church teaches is not scientific.

The Scientific Revolution began in Europe during the last part of the Renaissance. Most historians have pointed out that the detonating point of the Scientific Revolution was when Nicolaus Copernicus published his "On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres" in 1543.

The Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution both occurred between 1600 - 1800 CE.

there is analytic geometry and logarithms. Pendulum clock by huygens. Some of the inventions during the Scientific Revolution included the theremometer, barometer, microscopes, and the telescope. There were many more inventions during the revolution.

The telescope was one and so was the piano!

During the scientific revolution, the scientific method became popular as educated men took an interest in the natural world. These new scientists would test their ideas in order to form a hypothesis or theory.

Galileo's telescope was one thing that was invented.

Descartes was responsible for developing theories related to geometry during the Scientific Revolution. He had taken the most crucial steps in the development of mathematics by using formulas for physical representations during this time.

Scientist used abstract reasoning to explain how something happened.

Scientists used abstract reasoning to explain how something happened.

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