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constitutional union party

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Q: What new political party was formed during the presidential campaign of 1860?
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What was America's first political factions formed as a result of the conflict over?

One of the first political parties were the Federalist. The Federalist during the constitution supported the ratification of the constitution. Two parties were birth after the first presidential election. The Democratic-Republicans or just Republicans.

What was the antislavery political party that ran John C. Fremont in the 1856 presidential election?

The antislavery political party that ran John C. Fremont in the 1856 presidential election was the Republican Party. This was their first presidential candidate, as they had formed in opposition to the expansion of slavery into the western territories. Fremont's campaign platform focused on limiting the expansion of slavery and promoting free labor.

What political parties formed the coalition in the UK during world war 2?

Every political parties

What are political units?

A political unit is a group of people that join together in support of a series of political views. Often times a political unit is formed to support a political party during an election.

Are most of Pennsylvania's boundaries physical ( formed by natural features ) or political ( formed by people )?


What are three political parties that formed during the antebellum period?

The Whig Party, American Party, and the Democratic Party.

Political socialization is the process by which your are formed?

political attitudes

What is the roman soldiers hobbie?

Roman soldiers hobbies differ for some had different interest's but mostly they would gamble on fights that were formed during a campaign or tournaments in Rome.

Which of these labor organizations formed a political party in the 1870s?

The National Labor Union formed a political party in the 1870s.

What state is formed by peninsula?

Virginia. The first big campaign in Virginia, launched by George McLellan, was called the Peninsula Campaign.

What factors contributed to the development of political parties in the united States during the 1790s?

The main factor that contributed to the development of political parties in the United States during the 1790s were differing opinions. The two main groups that formed at that time were the Federalists and the Republicans.

Who formed political alliances to achieve a common goal?

The allies formed a political alliance to try and achieve a common goal.