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Ludacris goes by Luda, and Tha Ludameister.

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Q: What nicknames does Ludacris go by?
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Where do I go to find Ludacris headphones ?

Ludacris headphones are good but in my opinion greatly overpriced.However if you really want to buy this brand i suggest you have a look on or

Do ludacris and ciara go out?

no i think no

Who is how low can you go singer?


Why did ludacris go to jail?

He never went to jail.

Who sings how low can you go?

Ludacris sings it

Who is in ludacris video go low?

2 girls dancing and then they run away and there is ludacris and somebody that sounds like a chipmunk and a person with a mask and people

What is the name of the song where ludacris is a baby?

I think the song you are referring to is "How Low Can You Go' in which Ludacris does half of the bridge in a distorted litlle kid voice.

Who sung a song with the lyrics how low can you go?


What college did ludacris go to?

georgia tech for business

Did Ludacris go to college?

Yes Ludarcris did go to college

Does Ludacris sing How Low Can You Go in the Chipmunks movie?

Yes, he does.

Who is Ludacris?

Ludacris is an American rapper.

What does the word ludacris?

''Ludacris'' is actually spelled Ludicrous, and it means krazy. The rapper ''Ludacris'' spells his name like ''Ludacris'' because his rap flow is krazy.

Is it true that if you go low enough Ludacris will appear in the miror?

no its just a video

Do Letoya and Ludacris go out?

they went out watch the video regret bhudd yea

Who is the girl singing go low in ludacris's video in black?

Bill Cosby

Is ludacris Haitian?

No, Ludacris is African American....

Is ludacris single?

yes ludacris is single

What is ludacris weight?

Ludacris weighs 148

Is Ludacris a Christian?

Yes, Ludacris Is A Christian:)

Who is ludacris going out with?

ludacris do not go out with tyra banks who ever said that they are freakin lying andd y'all don't need know who the sexy sexy man dating so mind your business

Where was ludacris born?

ludacris was born in atlanta, georgia.

How are monica and ludacris related?

Monica IS Ludacris cousin .

Who got more money ti or ludacris?


Where does ludacris come from?

Ludacris was raised in the atlanta but was born in Chicago