What nicknames does Steven Seagal go by?

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Steven Seagal goes by The Great One, Lord Steven, and The Master of Aikido.
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How many black belts does Steven Seagal have?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nTo the best of my research, Steven Seagal holds a black belt in aikido, Shito-ryu karate, judo, and kendo. His aikido is what he uses on screen the most.\n. \n. \n. \nYes, he holds a black belt in Aikido.\n. \nActually, I think he is at least a 7th dan grade in a ( Full Answer )

Who would win in a fight Steven Seagal or Jean Claude Van Damme?

JCVD offered Seagal out at Silvester Stallone's in 1997 after he became sick of Seagal running his fat mouth saying how he could beat Van Damme. Seagal backed down from the challenge and left. Van Damme then tracked Seagal down at a night club and offered him out again. Seagal turned down the challe ( Full Answer )

How tall is Steven Seagal?

He's 6 feet 4 inches tall. Seagal has claimed 6'5" in the past, but perhaps with large soled boots on.

What rank is Steven Seagal in Aikido?

Seagal began his adult life as an aikido instructor in Japan, and is currently a 7th dan in aikido. He is considered the first foreigner to ever own and operate an aikido dojo in Japan. Let me remind you that past 6th dan, you do not get another dan by studing the art. The 7th dan and forth, is pr ( Full Answer )

Did steven seagal beat kelly lebrock?

Yes he really beat her. I interviewed Michael Berryman who is friends with Kelly Lebrock and he told me he hates Steven Seagal and they got into it because he knew he was beating her.

How rich is steven seagal?

As of July 2014, Steven Seagal's net worth is an estimated 5million dollars. He is an actor, martial artist, and also a policeofficer.

Was Steven Seagal a navy seal?

If he was or is in the military we would never know becausehe would be the top secret type i definitely believe he is becausesteven drove a tank in some person's property and killed therechickens

Where is steven seagal from?

He was born and raised in the suburbs of Lansing Michigan. Later moved to California.

Is Steven Seagal also of Italian heritage?

Not according to his biographies. Steven Frederic Seagal was born in Lansing, Michigan April 10, 1952. His mother was Irish-American, and his father was Jewish.

What race is steven seagal?

He is an American and probably from European descent. He married a Japanese woman and trained with her father, but is now single.

Is steven seagals background Italian?

No; Jewish father, "gentile" mother, making him "half Jewish." If Steven Seagal looks Italian, there is a historical explanation for that;In the 100's B.C., large numbers of Jews settled in Rome. Because travel was an even more expensive affair back then than it is now, we know with certainty, that ( Full Answer )

Is steven seagal a crapy actor?

I used to think so. Then one day I was forced to endure one of the movies. I must say I was quite entertained not knowing why. But then in reality he is just a guy doing what he loves to do & you can really tell he has a passion for what he does. He is an Idealist who likes the good guys to win. Wha ( Full Answer )

How would someone train with Steven Seagal?

Seagal has done a lot for the Aikido community, however he is a star, and usually with that, its all about money. Seagal has established a few dojo. The Ten Shin Dojo. There are a few around. I dont know if he still does it or not but usually the dojo will pay for his expenses for him to come out an ( Full Answer )

How much does Steven Seagal make per year?

even though his movies go straight to DVD - he still banks in 5 Million per movie - Source is cracked.com - Learn how to make $1000 per week from home http://www.GoldDirectorFormula.com

Is Steven Seagal a real cop?

Yes he is and if you want proof watch LawMan. He tells us that he has been a cop for over 20 years.

Is steven seagal a legal police officer?

NO,. California POST has no record of any training certifications. This is in direct contrast with Seagal's claims of attending an accredited police academy. Additionally, his reserve chief status is purely ceremonial. His former C/O at the JPSO stated that his volunteer police duties last approxima ( Full Answer )

What is Steven Seagal brothers name?

I met a HUGE guy in Makaha, Hawaii who claimed to be his brother. He said to call him Big Sexy. Guessing that's not his given name.

How much does Steven Seagal weight?

I can't be too specific, but given his recent weight gain - I would guess it to be roughly equivalent to a school bus.

Does Steven Seagal live in Louisiana?

He is a 20 year police detcective in Louisiana but has a ranch in Colorado and a house in Mandeville canyon in brentwood in Los Angeles California he is one of my first favorites he always gets bashed on but every one I meet I convince them he's the real deal he has at least an 8th degree black belt ( Full Answer )

Was steven seagal arrested for domestic abuse?

Not sure if he was ever arrested for domestic violence, but he was certainly not convicted of it. If so, the Lautenberg Amendment would preclude him from carrying a firearm or being a law enforcement officer which he has been for over 20 years.

Is Katie seagal steven seagal's sister?

Katey Sagal and Steven Seagal are not related. Steven Seagal has asister named Brenda who lives in Canada. Katey Sagal has 4siblings, Jean and Liz (who are twin sisters) and a brother, Joe.They are all involved in the entertainment business.

Did Steven Seagal live in big springs ca?

yes he does. I live in Yreka, and went to highschool with two girls who live on his ranch. The oldest of the two and her mom do his shopping for him and take care of the place while he is gone.

Does Steven Seagal teach anyone aikido?

Seagal Sensei has opened many Aikido dojo. He mostly will do special seminars rather than teach an everyday Aikido class. After he came from Japan he began his career in Acting. Since then, he does not practice Aikido or teach as much as he use to. He may also have private lessons or a private dojo ( Full Answer )

What illness does steven seagal have?

I have noticed in his last pictures he can´t move, he uses doubles and hardly works on acting, I do suspect he has something. But there are no news that say so.

Is Katie Seagal related to Steven Seagal?

No. There is no celebrity named Katie Seagal; this is typically a misspelling of one of several peoples names which have similar pronunciation but different spellings: Katey Sagal (actress, best known for Married with Children) Kate Siegel (actress, best known for The Curse of the Black Dahl ( Full Answer )

Has Steven Seagal ever beat Bruce Lee real life?

Not possible since Lee died years before Seagal completed his Aikido training. However if you need a more or less informed opinion on the topic, for Aikido to work you have to catch the other guy's arm or leg first. As fast as Lee was.......yeah in a Seagal/Lee fight, through some time portal scenar ( Full Answer )

What are some of the most famous Steven Seagal movies?

Steven Seagal is a very famous actor, and has starred in dozens of movies, but his best roles he is known for are the following movies: Under Siege, Marked For Death, Above The Law, Out For Justice and Hard To K.I.L.L.

Where can one find a biography on Steven Seagal?

One can read parts of Steven Seagal's biography online at the website bearing the same name as Biography. One can also consult Steven Seagal's official website to find out where his bio may be purchased.

What movie and television projects has Steven Seagal been in?

Steven Seagal has: Performed in "Wogan" in 1982. Played himself in "Granada Reports" in 1983. Played himself in "Frontline" in 1983. Played Himself - Winner in "Gran premio internazionale della TV" in 1984. Performed in "American Masters" in 1985. Played himself in "Biography" in 1987. Played Himsel ( Full Answer )