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The number of a operator will be 0 or 411.

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It depends on where you're calling from, and may also depend on what kind of operator assistance you need.

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Q: What number can you dial to get operator?
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Number you dial to get Irish operator?


How do you find out the phone number that you are at?

Dial "O" for Operator

What is the number that you dial in telephone in order to talk to the operator?

In the UK you'd dial 100

What number do you dial to get an operator in India?

On a mobile: +44 20 (8-digit London number) On a landline or fax: 00 44 20 (8-digit London number)

How did people signal the operator to dial who they chose?

Before there were dial or push button phones, there were crank phones. You lifted the ear piece from the hook, tuned the crank on the side of the phone, which rang the operator. She would answer the phone with "Number, please." You told her the number, and she would dial it for you.

What is direct dialing local calls?

Direct dialing just means that you dial the number yourself, without asking an operator to dial it for you.

What do you ring for the operator in the uk?

You would dial 100 for general operator services.

How do make a call to Japan from California?

Confirm with your operator your phone can make overseas calls. Dial your phone's international access number. If you don't know it your operator can provide it. Next dial 81, the country code for Japan. Next dial the area code in Japan WITHOUT the "0" at the front. Then dial the local number. For example, using 011 as your international access code, to call the telephone number 03-123-4567 in Tokyo, from the US dial 011-81-3-123-4567.

The coast guard number?

In the UK, if you need the Coast Guard in an emergency, dial 999 and ask the operator for the Coast Guard.

How do you call back a blocked call?

Just dial *57, and you will be able call back the blocked number.

How do you make a call to Brazil from the USA?

You dial: 01155+the number you want to call.

What is the number for collect call?

The number depends on who you are calling step 1 Pick up the receiver, listen for the dial tone, then dial "0" followed by the area code and phone number of the person or place you are trying to reach. step 2 Listen for a tone followed by recorded instructions about making a collect call. step 3 Speak your name when prompted. step 4Alternatively, talk to an operator. Pick up the receiver, dial "0," then inform the operator that you would like to place a collect call. Follow his or her instructions.