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Q: What number does Albanian leke?
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What is an Albanian dollar?


What does leke mean in Albanian?

lekë is the currency of Albania

What does Albania's currency worth in one dollar?

it's the same amount but sometimes dollar it's lower than albanin money like giving a 1$=65c

What is the currency in Albania?

the currency in Albania is lek named after Alexander the greatleke or euro. leke is used more commonly as far as i kno cuz when i went to visit my family everything was sold in leke. but im guessing that the euro is used more for the buisnesses that other countries have. but overall the leke is used way more than the euro. i dont think that people in Albania have euros, they just use leke to pay for everything.

How much does an Albanian newspaper cost?

The cost of an Albanian newspaper can vary depending on the publication and location. On average, a copy of a daily newspaper in Albania costs around 50-100 Albanian leke (roughly 0.40-0.80 USD).

What is Leke's population?

The population of Leke is 1,078.

What is the area of Leke?

The area of Leke is 10.73 square kilometers.

When was Leke Odunsi born?

Leke Odunsi was born on 1980-12-05.

Do heve pork doritos you leke pork?

YesI have perk doriters and i leke perk

What is the population density of Leke?

The population density of Leke is 100 people per square kilometer.

What is the name of the currency in Albania?

It's the Leke, 100 Leke being 1 US dollar

How do you say money in Albania?

Money = Para Albanian Currency is LEK. 1 Us.Dollar = 1 Euro = 100 LEK. The conversion rate changes every day, this is an approximate rate, just to give you an idea.