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Q: What number is Human Body in the Dewey decimal system?
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How do you read PH chart?

the color of the chart represents the color that the pH test strip tuned there should be a decimal number the decimal number should be with the color so 7.0 is the normal pH level for a human

What most common number system used by human beings?

binary numbers

What has the author Richard Dewey written?

Richard Dewey has written: 'The development of human behavior' -- subject(s): Minorities, Psychology, Social psychology 'An introduction to social psychology' -- subject(s): Minorities, Psychology, Social psychology

What decimal measurement is human hair?

The average diameter of human hair is 100 micrometres.

Can a human work as information system how?

Can a human work as information system how?

What evoulutonary factor is believed to have influenced the development of your modern base -10 numbering system?

The number of human fingers.

What is writing number relationship in science?

there is the o2 and the oz and the carbondixed and the water air and the water and oxygen and the human system

What is the same between human made system and natural system?

The difference between a human-made system and a "natural" system will depend entirely on what the system is. In many cases the human system will be simpler and have a narrow focus.

What is the exact number of systems in the human body?

1. Digestive System 2. Circulatory System 3. Lymph Circulatory System 4. Excretory System 5. Skeleton System 6. Endocrine System 7. Nervous System 8. Respiratory System

What is the pathway of the human exretory system?

urethra is the pathway of the human exretory system

What system does the human brain belong to?

The human brain belongs to the nervous system.

What is the difference between a human nervous system and a jellyfish nervous system?

A human nervous system is much more complex. Unlike a human a jellyfish does not have a central nervous system.