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DOSCIENTOS (correct spelling) --- 200

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Q: What number is this in spanish dos cientos going to English?
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What is 'Cuándo vas a regresar' when translated from Spanish to English?

"When are you going to come back?" is an English equivalent of the Spanish question ¿Cuándo vas a regresar? The question also translates loosely as "When are you coming back?" in English. The pronunciation will be "KWAN-do va-sa-rey-GREY-sar" in Uruguayan Spanish.

What speak to go in market?

Depending on the market you are going to. If you are going to the Asian Market you will need to speak English and it would be helpful if you spoke Chinese as well. If you go to the Spanish market it would be helpful if you spoke Spanish and English.

How is your day is going?

How is your day going can be translated from English to Spanish as como va su dia. This can be used as a greeting.

What is pk tu no vaz mean in English?

This is Spanish shorthand for "¿por qué tú no vas?". In English, it means "why are you not going?"

Translate que vamos hacer contigo mean in English?

Spanish: Que vamos hacer contigo?English: What are we going to do with you?

What is 'No te lo voy a decir' when translated from Spanish to English?

I am not going to tell you. No, that's what is is, really. Not that I mean that I am not going to tell you.

What does ke tall mean in spanish?

It is actually "que tal", because of pronunciation differences from English to spanish. It means "How's it going?".

How will knowing Spanish help in being a pliot?

The accepted common language for aviation is English. If you are going to be flying in, into, or from a Spanish speaking country, knowlege of Spanish would be helpful.

What does the spanish word pagar mean in English?

loosely means im going to hit you.

What does the Spanish word kitaal mean in English?

It could be "que tal" that stands for "How are you/how is going/what is up"

What does mandano in spanish mean in english?

It means "send to you". example: Voy a mandarte un cheque. I am going to send you a check.

What does the Spanish word ah mean?

If you mean the word "a" in Spanish, it is not spelled "ah" and it means "to," as in "I am going to the store."