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#94 he was # 94

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Q: What number was Dwayne Johnson when he played for the Miami Hurricanes?
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What football team did Dwayne Johnson play for?

Dwayne Johnson played football for the Miami Hurricanes.

Did Dwayne Johnson play for the Texas longhorns?

No ... Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) played college football for the University of Miami Hurricanes.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson played football for the Miami Hurricanes?

Action Actor and professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson did play for the Miami Hurricanes. While playing as a defensive tackle for the Hurricanes they won the national championship in 1991.

What NFL team did Dwayne Johnson play for?

Dwayne Johnson never played for the NFL. He played for the University of Miami, the Miami Hurricanes. Later he joined the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League.

When did Dwayne Johnson played football?


Did Dwayne Johnson play for the Pittsburgh in the NFL?

Dwayne Johnson never played in the NFL.

What did Dwayne Johnson due before enterting pro wrestling?

Dwayne Johnson played football before entering the WWF. He played in high school and college.

What WWE star played in the movie get smart?

Answer: Dwayne Johnson.

What position did Dwayne Johnson play in football?

He played defensive tackle

Has Dwayne Johnson Ever Played A Bad Guy Before?

Dwayne Johnson played a bad guy in the film Faster, though he typically plays good guys. In Faster he was a bank robber.

Is Dwayne The Rock Johnson Samoan?

Dwayne Johnson is half-Samoan on his mother's side. His father, wrestler Rocky Johnson, is an African-Canadian from Nova Scotia. Dwayne was raised in Hawaii and later Pennsylvania, and played football at the University of Miami, Florida.

Why couldn't Dwayne Johnson play in the NFL?

Hurt his knee while he played at the University of Miami.

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