What object can you measure in miles?

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The traditional answer is probably something like dimensions of a city or agricultural field or aircraft runway. But ANY length can be expressed in miles. The thickness of a human hair (say 100 micrometers) is approximately 6x10^-8 miles.
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What is the measure of the force of gravity on an object?

The measurement of the force of gravity acting on an object is weight . The weight of an object (or the weight of an amount of matter) is the measure of the intensity of the force imposed on this object by local gravity. . A measure of the force of gravity would be the product of mass and the ( Full Answer )

What is the measure of the pull of gravity on an object?

The simplest answer is quite obviously mass, the heavier an object, the greater the pull of gravity. In fact in physics terminology, weight means the force by which you will be attracted towards the center of the earth. Also Newton's Law of universal gravitation states that the pull of gravity equal ( Full Answer )

How do you measure the density of an irregular object?

Weigh the object using a balance scale. To find its volume, fill a beaker halfway with water, drop theobject inside, and see how much the water rises. the volume of theobject will equal the volume of the water displaced. Divide the mass by the volume of the object which equals density.

What is the measurement of the force of gravity on an object?

The strength of the mutual forces of gravity that attract two objects toward each other is called the "weight" of each object in the presence of the other one. The strength of the mutual gravitational forces that attract you and the earth toward each other is called your weight on the earth. ( Full Answer )

How do you measure volume of irregular objects?

Below is a method you can use when measuring relatively small objects. Firstly, you can pour a known amount of water into a measuring cylinder. Next place the object into the water and ensure that it is completely submerged. Note the increase in the height of the water and its coresponding volume ( Full Answer )

How do you measure a solid object?

What do you want to measure - mass, weight, volume, density. There's no answer for "measure" without indicating what is to be measured.

How do you measure an irregular object?

water displacement you fill a graduated cylinder with enought water to cover the object then you tilt the cylinder and gently place the object in and see how much it goes up by that your volume

What measures the quantity of matter in an object?

The quantity of matter in an object is its mass. If you then know what the object is made from you can find out (approximately) how many atoms or molecules it has (measured in mol).

How do you measure the volume of an object?

If its regular (geometric shaped) you could just measure it with a ruler using the formula for the shape in question. Irregular shaped objects can be submerged in water. The difference in the water level before and after submersion equals the volume of the object. length X width X height

What is objective measurement?

1- unbiased measurement/analysis, in that you measure what is there and not impacted by your beliefs or philosophy of something...that is for subjective measurement/analysis. ==== 2- It is like the diffrent between the self-report questionnaire and pedometer. the questionnaire may become impacte ( Full Answer )

What are the Objectives of employees welfare measure?

To increase the standard of living of the. Workingclass: The labourer is more prone to exploitation from thecapitalists if there is no standardized way of looking after theirwelfare. . To make the management feel the employees aresatisfied about the work and working conditions. . To reduce the l ( Full Answer )

What is the measurement of a mile?

There are a number of answers. The word comes from the Latin 'millum', meaning one thousand, for one thousand paces (left foot, then right foot then left again). I don't know what the length of a standard Roman pace was, but in the Canadian Air Force (and Cadets), it was 5 feet. The Roman empire ( Full Answer )

What is the weight of an object measured with?

Weight is measured with a set of scales or a balance, whether electronic or analogue.. The weight of an object is different to its mass. The weight is in relation to the gravitational pull so alters at different places in the universe (and earth slightly) so things weigh less on the moon but they h ( Full Answer )

What are you measuring when you measure an object mass?

the measuring mass of an object is a kilo The easiest way to measure an objects mass is to measure its weight and then assume a constant and global acceleration of gravity (which is a false assumption by the way) and convert weight to mass. The conversion is easy as weight and mass have a simple r ( Full Answer )

What objects are measured in meters?

any object can be measured in meters, centimeters, millimeters or any other unit of measurement to suit the circumstances or the system to which you are familiar

How do you measure a gravitational pull on an object?

One easy way to do it ... with equipment you may already have around the house ... is to put it on a bathroom scale. The scale will display the magnitude of the mutual gravitational force of attraction between the earth and the object.

How could you measure an object?

The unit of measurement would depend on what your are trying to measure. Smaller item would be measured in millimetre's, centimetre's (inches) then to the larger measurements of metres (feet, yards).

What do you measure round objects with?

A flexable tape measure. these are also used for clothing measuring so you can find them at a fabric shop like Joans Fabric. Amazon.com will have some longer ones too. you also can measure certain parts of a complex shape and then add up the measures. Answerking123

What is a measure of how far an object goes?

The amount of time it takes to arrive at the destination over the distance traveled. Remember time is just a measurement of movement through space. Hence the reason it is called the space-time continuum. You should use this formula: Distance=Velocity/Time

How is the speed of moving object measured?

Speed is measured by dividing your time into distance to come up with your velocity. speed is measured the same way as velocity. If you have a varying speed with acceleration and deceleration this would need to be factored in as well.

What is used to measure an object?

An object can be measured in many ways. Length (or width or depth) can be compared against a standard such as a ruler. Weight can be compared against another object of known weight. Hardness can be compared against an object of known hardness, etc.

What object does kilometers measure?

Kilometers are more likely to be used to measure the distance between two places, rather than the size of objects, since in our normal experience, objects are more likely to be measured by meters or centimeters rather than by kilometers. However, the diameter of planets and their moons, or of the su ( Full Answer )

What instrument measures solid objects?

The answer will depend on what characteristic of the object is being measured: its mass, volume, surface area, colour, density etc.

How do you measure objects on the moon?

Depends on what you'd want to measure. Things like length and widthwould be the same, but finding out the mass of an object would be alittle bit trickier. And if you're out in the vacuum, fluids would behave strangely dueto the low pressure and the extreme temperatures.

Is a measure of an objects velocity the same as the measure of the objects inertia?

No. Consider a grain of rice and a banana. If you threw these atsomeone so that they were moving at the same speed, theirvelocities would be the same. However, you would hardly feel the impact of the grain of rice butthe banana would hurt. The force of the impact is a measure of the relative iner ( Full Answer )

How do measure the length of an object with a ruler?

A ruler (some say it should be called a rule!) is marked along an edge with (nowadays) centimetres and millimetres. Place the zero mark on the ruler at the start of the object to be measured, and read off the measurement at the other end of the object.

What is an unchanging measurement of matter in an object?

I expect that the answer that you are required to give is the mass. However, the mass of any radioactive object is very definitely not an unchanging measure. And even with non-radioactive materials, some Grand Unified Theories (GUTs) of matter suggests that protons themselves might decay with a ha ( Full Answer )

How can you measure the length of an irregular object?

Irregular objects can have their perimeters measured in a variety of different ways. Probably the easiest is to run a string along the edge of the object and then later lay the string flat and measure it. Another way is to measure in partial straight segments and approximate.

What is the measurement of an object speed?

To measure an object's speed, you need to measure the time it takesto do a measured distance. For instance, if a car travelled at sixty miles per hour, ignoringtraffic and roadworks, etc, it would expect to cover a distance ofsixty miles in that hour.