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Q: What observation can you come up with which disproves the inference of Lamarck?
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Does an inference come before an observation?

An observation is something that can be seen with your own eyes, and an inference is something based on face. Therefore, an inference does not come before an observation, but rather after.

What were lamark's theories?

Lamarck's theory is that he thought that the long necks from giraffes come from other species of mammals.

Is it true no composer to come after Beethoven wrote more than nine symphonies?

Shostakovich, for one, wrote 15. So that disproves the statement.

What is the importance of observation in scientific method?

the imporance of observation is to observe and then come up with a conclusion what you have observed

What inference can you make about what cows eat?

Since cows are grazers and eat mostly grasses and legumes, they are herbivores. That's as good an inference about what cows eat as anyone would be able to come up with.

How do you come to know that the wind is blowing observation?

Depends on what you mean by observation. There are instruments that measure wind velocity, There are wind socks that show if the wind is blowing and what direction.

The observation an author makes about life in his story is?

The observation an author makes about life in his story is essential for their growth. This may help them to see how far they've come for example.

What early piece of evidence supporting the cell theory was the observation?

One observation of early scientists that supports the cell theory is that all cells divide which was observed in 1855. The other observation was that living things contain cells which was observed in 1839 by Theodor Schwann.

What is the difference between reasoning and inference?

Reasoning is different from inference because reasoning is a matter of using very little fact to make an accurate deduction towards a certain end. Inferences only come as a result of a test done to guide a certain view point.

What is a Quantitative Observation with five example?

The word "quantitative" is from the root word quantity. So, a quantitative observation is one that can be quantified or counted. Any time you count or physically measure something, it is a quantitative observation. Since it is your homework you should come up with your own examples :)

The process by which scientists formulate a hypothesis gather data by observation and experimentation and come to a conclusion is?

A science experiment.

How do you prove that I a male am bisexual to a male friend?

Real proof could only come from observation of a sexual act.