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Q: What observation led to the theory of abiogenisis?
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What observation led jean senebier to develop his theory?

It showed that fixed air is carbon dioxide.

What is the synonym for theory?


How do evolutionists explain the inception of life on Earth?

They don't! Abiogenisis is not part of evolution as you need already living organisms to evolve. This is a common creationist misunderstanding of evolution and evolutionary theory

An explanation based on many observation?

scientific theory

What does scientific theory mean in science?

a theory which is made by observation

What was the atomic theory observation by the ancient Greeks?

They never heard of this theory.

What is a judgment based on an observation called?

theory hypothosis

What scientific term is a well tested explanation for a set of observation or experimental results?

Novanet: THEORY

What can new observation have on a scientific theory?

If new observations are discovered that clash with the previous theory, then the theory will have to be revised.

Hypothesis it is a--------- based on observation and the knoledge of the topic.?

An hypothesis is a theory based on observation and the knowledge of the topic.

What statement about a theory of an earth-centered universe is true?

observation proved the theory true.

What is a scientist observation and conclusion about cells?

cell theory