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the vampire squid can be found in either temperate waters or the tropical waters in a zone called oxygen minimum zone (OMZ) which is 1800 to 3500 meters below sea level.

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Vampire Squid live in the Abyssal Zone, also known as the Midnight Zone.

The vampire squid uses 2 thread like filaments to capture bits of organic debris that sinks down from the ocean surface. They do not eat live prey.

squid do live oil in the ocean

For a long time, scientists were not sure what a vampire squid ate. Now they know that unlike most squids that are predators, the vampire squid is a detritivore. It eats the leftovers on the bottom of the ocean.

Yes, squid live in the ocean. They live very deep under the water.

Squid do not live in a desert. They are an ocean species.

Squid can be found in all levels of the ocean.

Viperfish and vampire squid are ocean animals.

They live in deep trenches in the ocean.

they live 10 to 15000 feet down in the ocean

giant octopus live in the pacific ocean

Is there such thing as a vampire squid

A vampire squid is not a fish. Squid are not fish.

Vampire squid are found in temperate and tropical waters throughout the world, in the deeper parts of the ocean.

the vampire squid is an invertebrate

There is no such thing of as a vampire squid

Antarctica is a continent. Squid are marine animals. This means that squid live in the Southern Ocean that surrounds the Antarctic continent.

no! squid live in the ocean wile arctic char live in freshwater places

Sharks (Fish), Sperm Whales (Squid), Squid (Fish).

The midnight zone is the deepest layer of the ocean. Some animals that live in the aphotic zone are anglerfish, copepods, crustaceans, vampire squid, and tube worms.

The colossal squid lives in the ocean biome. These squid can be found in the deep ocean, but may also come in closer to shore.

anywere as long as its cool

Gulper Eel, viperfish, lanternfish, devil squid, vampire squid, comb jellyfish, anglerfish, tripod fish, blue hake, rattail fish, swallower fish, Eelpout. etc

yes the vampier squid dose live in the pacific ocean.

She gets impregnated by a handsome male vampire squid.

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