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Vampire Squid live in the Abyssal Zone, also known as the Midnight Zone.


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the vampire squid can be found in either temperate waters or the tropical waters in a zone called oxygen minimum zone (OMZ) which is 1800 to 3500 meters below sea level.

The midnight zone is the deepest layer of the ocean. Some animals that live in the aphotic zone are anglerfish, copepods, crustaceans, vampire squid, and tube worms.

the abyssal zone, sometimes called the abyss or midnight zone.

Whales, herring, tuna, giant squid, and angler fish live in this deep ocean area.

Well of course they like to live in the dark waters of the ocean.

Some sharks live in the open ocean part of the time. All kinds of animals live in the open ocean zone such as plankton, squid, yes sharks, whales, and all sorts of fish.

The lampray can live in any ocean zone The lampray can live in any ocean zone The lampray can live in any ocean zone

Pelagic Zone - This Is Divided Into Three Different Zones. Three Living Creatures Are Clams, Crabs And Bottom Feeders.Photic Zone - Many Different Types Of Plants.Aphotic Zone - Gulper Eel, Vampire Squid And The Giant Squid.

Species that live in the mesopelagic zone are squid, wolf eels, swordfish and cuttlefish. The mesopelagic zone is part of the pelagic zone that extends as far as 3300 feet below the ocean surface.

yes i can live in this zone and the zones above it

The piglet squid lives in the epipelagic zone (sunlight zone) until they are fully matured when they descend in to the mesopelagic zone (twilight zone).

The water above the continental shelf is the neritic zone. Underwater forest of kelp and grassy meadows of sea grass are home to tiny fish, green turtles, sea cows, seahorses and tiny shrimp. Squid live in the twilight zone level.

In the mid-night zone (ocean bottom)-WWW.5th grade science project squids THIS MAY HELP YOU

They Live In The Neritic Zone. Which Is Close to The Top of The Ocean.

in what ocean zone do blue shark live in

they live in the midnight zone

near shore zone and open ocean zone

dey actually live in both. most of em live in the twighlight though

Clown fish live on the continental shelf part of the ocean zone.

Thr drangon fish live in the warm zone of the ocean (:

they live in the abyssal zone

Dolphins live in the oceanic zone

Some animals that live in the aphotic zone include the gulper eel, giant squid, smaller squids, anglerfish, vampire squid, and numerous jellyfish. Some of the ugliest and most evil-looking fish in the world are found here, including the viper fish, fangtooth, dragonfish, lizardfish, and many others.

almost 90% of organisms in the ocean live in the uppermost zone

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