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Q: What of the following is the best example of an open system?
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Which of the following is the best example of an open system?

an anthill

Example the latest open source operating system?

Linux is the example of the latest open source operating system.

What is an example of a database system?

There are many of them. Here are just 10:Microsoft AccessOracleMySQLDbaseProgressBase (Open Office)IngresFilemakerInformixLotus Approach

Is a rabbit an example of a closed system or opened system?


Is a burning candle an example of an open system or a closed system?

The light bulb is a closed system: no mass transfer.

What are the example of open transport system?


Example of Open-source Operating system?

Linux :-)

Give an example of an open operating system?

Linux :-)

What is an open system in enviromental science?

An open system is one that exchanges both matter and energy with its surroundings. For example, suppose Earth is a system and the universe is its surroundings. Earth is an open system, since it can exchange both energy and matter with its surroundings.

What economic system best for entrepreneurship?

Regulated open market.

What are some open ended questions?

Another answer: Open-ended questions usually begin with who, why, what, when or where. If you were for example doing a project on the solar system then you could have "What is the solar system" or" Who called it the solar system"

What is an open stratification?

Open Stratification is based primarily on economic criteria, particularly income.Social position is achieved through ones efforts.The boundaries between classes are more flexible than in the closed system.There is opportunity for social mobility, as individuals can move up or down the class scale, and therefore their status can improve or decline.Class membership depends, at least in part, on characteristics, which the individual can control.The class system in modern industrial society is the best example of an open system of stratification.An example of Open Stratification System is the Social Class