What organ helps us hear sound?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What organ helps us hear sound?
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What do waves allow us to do?

Waves allow us to hear (sound waves) I hope that helps a little :)

What are the functions of the human sense organ?

sensesvision-helps us seehearing-helps us hear the sounds in our surroundingstaste-so we can taste the food we eatsmell-helps us smell food, perfume,etctouch- so we can feel

What are the importance of five sense organs?

The importance is that it helps us in many ways .the eye helps us to see ,the nose helps us to smell , the ear helps us to hear , the tongue helps us to taste and the skin helps us to touch (feel).it is also important because it helps us not only to be aware of our surroundings but also helps us to find out the dangers around us.

Why do you hear sound?

We hear sound by using our ears,one of the most important part of the ear is the eardrum, it helps us to communicate on telephones, conversations, or we can even use it as what we call 'peripheral instincts'.

Which organ helps us survive?

the heart

What organ helps us to see things around us?

Your eyes..

Is the organ of corti the organ of hearing?

Basically, yes. The organ of Corti contains the hearing receptors (little hairs) that allow us to hear.

What helps us hear?

Ears...and no, im not kidding

Which organ in human body helps us sense acceleration?


What is the organ that helps us decide when you should breathe?

The brain stem.

How we cannot hear a distant sound as clearly as you can hear the one closer to you?

the molecules in the air closer to us makes the sound clear.where as the distant sound is not as clear as the molecules will be far a part.

How has light and sound changed our society?

By allowing us to see and hear.