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The wall of the uterus.

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Q: What organ in which an embryo develops?
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What organ in which an embryo develops into?

The wall of the uterus.

What is the organ the develops between the embryo and the uterus during pregnancy and filters the nutrients and oxygen?

The Placenta.

What develops from an embryo?

In plants embryo develops in new seedling and in animals it develops into feotus which later develops into baby

Where the chicken embryo develops?

Chicken embryo develops inside chicken egg . actually embryo develops form germinal spot at top of yolk and utilizes yoke as food .

What is the first organ to develops the embryo?

The first organ to develop in the embryo is the heart. In a fetus, there is a brain, but it isn't fully developed and can't understand signals from the nervous system. Therefore the first functional organ would be the heart. But the first thing to start developing in a fetus is the nervous system. ( no that isn't an organ )

In mammals where does the embryo develops?

In mammals, the embryo develops with in the specialised part of the oviduct .

In a chordate embryo what develops along the back of the embryo?


Does embryo come after egg?

In some animals the embryo develops inside the egg. In mammals, the egg and sperm become an embryo that develops into a life form.

What is when the yolk is where the embryo develops?

you have a problem

What does the embryo develop from?

it develops from a zygote.

Where the embryo grows and develop?

An embryo grows and develops in a females womb.

Which part of a seed develops into root?

Radicle of the seed embryo develops into root.

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