Skeletal System

What organ system bones belong to?


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The bones belong to the skeletal system.

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The bones make up the musculoskeletal system.

The femur is a bone in the thigh, and bones are not organs. They're part of the skeletal system not the organ system.

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The kidneys are organs. They belong to the excretory (organ) system.

It belongs to the urinary system. It is an organ of that system.

The tendons belong to the musculoskeletal system.

it is an organ, it doesn't belong to any other organs in the body but it does belong to a system in the body the digestive system.

The organ system that the pancreas belongs to is endocrine

All organs belong to an organ system.

I believe that the teeth belong to the skeltal system but they may belong to the digestive system :)

I think its belong to the digestive system

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Excretory system, urinary system.

It belongs to the respiratory system

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