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Do zebras have a respiratory system?

All vertebrates have respiratory systems. Zebras are vertebrates.

Describe the major difference between invertebrate and vertebrate immune systems?

1. Immunological memory:- present in vertebrates but absent in invertebrates. 2. Vertebrates have complement system but invertebrates have prophenoloxidase system 3. Vertebrates have lymphocytes but invertebrates have lectins 4. Antibody present in vertebrates and nit in invertebrates

What is the difference between natural and forced vibrating systems?

what is the different between natural and forced vibration systems.

What two systems in vertebrates that are dependent on diffusion?


Do all vertebrates have closed circulatory systems?

All vertebrates have closed circulatory systems, meaning that the blood never travels outside of a system of veins, arteries and capillaries.

State the difference between the different computer platforms and their respective operating systems?

differences between the different computer platforms and their respective operating systems.

What is progressive evolution of respiratory and circulatory systems in vertebrates?


What is the major difference between vertebrate circulatory systems?

The major difference among the circulatory systems of vertebrates involves the path of blood through the heart and the body as well as the number of chambers in the heart.

What vertebrates have a closed circulatory system?

Humans have closed circulatory systems.

How are substances exchange between the different human body systems?


Which animals have bones in their bodies?

Generally, vertebrates have skeletal systems inside their bodies.

What adaptations allowed the vertebrates to evolve into land animals?

Tracheal Systems and Lungs

Different between system investigation and systems analysis?

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What is the different between artificial intelligence and computer systems?

They are basically the same.

What is the relationship between systems and sub-systems?

The relationship between a system and sub-system, is that they are both a part of each other. If a circle is the system, the different pieces inside of this circle are the sub-systems. You cannot have one without the other.

What are the similarities between fish and seals?

Fish and seals are similar in that they both:are animalsare vertebratesare able to swim in waterhave eyes and mouths, stomachs and digestive systemsreproduce sexually

What elevated boundary between areas are drained by different river systems?


What is an elevated bountry between areas that are drained by different river systems?


Is there a connection between the car heater and rear window defroster?

2 different units and different wiring systems.

Comparison between different operating systems?

Windows is the most best operating system

Do fish have SKELETAL systems?

Yes, they are vertebrates. Their bones are actually similar to ours, they have a skull, ribs and a backbone.

Will a transmission from a 2006 dodge fit on a 1997 dodge?

No, control systems are different.No, control systems are different.

What is an elevated boundary between areas that are drained by different river systems?

It's called a divide.

What can transfer files between two computers using the same or different operating systems?


How will Wellbutrin compliment Prozac?

There is no equivalency between Wellb. and Prozac, they work different neurotransmitter systems.