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What organisms are able to digest cellulose?


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Micro-organisms, such as bacteria, are able to digest cellulose.

No mammals are able to digest cellulose. This is because cellulose contains a β(1,4) linkage that no mammalian enzyme can break. This is why herbivores must have symbiotic bacteria somewhere in their digestive system that help them break down cellulose.


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Termites are an example of organisms that digest cellulose. Termites digest cellulose due to the cellulolytic bacteria present in the gut of the termite.

the organisms which feeds on raw plants are able to digest cellulose since they secrete an enzyme cellulase for cellulose digestion. no. Bacteria break down the cellulose in the digestive tracts of herbivores.

Salivary amylase is not able to digest cellulose. Amylase has the ability to digest starch but cellulose is a fibre which in indigestible.

Cellulose is hard to digest plant material found in plants such as grass and leaves.Herbivores such as Cows and giraffes can digest cellulose.certain types of bacteria can digest cellulose as well.

None. Humans can't digest cellulose. Bacteria in the large intestine can digest some cellulose, creating gas and vitamin K.

Micro-organisms (bacteria and probably some protozoa).

Actually ruminants cannot digest cellulose, they have symbiotic bacteria in a part of their stomach called a "rumen" digest the cellulose down to sugars and starches that the ruminants can actually digest in another part of their stomach later.

herbivores have a larger small intestine than carnivores and are able to digest plant cellulose.

A: Humans are unable to digerst cellulose. Explaination: Long story short, we lack the necessary enzymes since cellulose has a different structure than other carbohydrates that we are able to digest i.e. starches.

Technically no. All animals with a vertebrate cannot digest cellulose on their own. However, animals such as cows and rats do get the nutrients from bacteria. Unlike in humans, rats have an enlarged caecum, which is where the fermentation of cellulose occurs. Microorganisms like bacteria live in the caecum and they are able to digest the cellulose. The bacteria in turn, is digested by the rat and that is how it attains the cellulose.

the appendix digest cellulose, but human appendix does not work.

Well some animals can digest cellulose, such as cows.. However human cant digest cellulose because we dont have the enzyme to breakdown cellulose. Cows have bacteria that makes the enzyme to breakdown cellulose in their digestive system, thats why they can digest Cellulose, but we dont have the bacteria and that kind of enzyme.

cellulose basically found in plants human being can not digest the cellulose but animal can digest very well and easily specially herbivores animals. we see that cellulose not digest in human being but its important nutrients for human beings becoz its contain fiber which non digest able carb. the function of die trey fibers decrease the absorptions of glucose cholesterol form in intestine

No, it can only be digested by certain micro-organisms, which few animals have symbiotically living in their guts.

They have a special bacteria present in the ruminant part of the stomach which digest the cellulose.

None. Animals that can digest cellulose host special bacteria to digest the cellulose molecules, and humans do not host these.

Complex answer: Cellulose is a polysaccharide that provides structural support for plants. Humans cannot digest cellulose. Thus, you cannot digest wood, which is mostly cellulose. :Simple answer Humans cannot digest the carbohydrate cellulose. Soures:AP biology class, Textbook :3

Humans can't digest cellulose.

You can not digest cellulose or what we call fiber.

The cell walls of plants are made of cellulose. Approximately 33 percent of all plant material is cellulose. Humans cannot digest cellulose, but animals such as cows and horses can digest cellulose for food.

Cellulase is the enzyme used to digest cellulose, which is produced by the microflora in a cow's rumen.

cellulose has to be converted into acitic acid by the absence of it, cellulose can not be digested d.k.jain

Cellulose also known as fibre , human beings do not have enzyme to digest cellulose.

Humans don't have the enzymes required to digest it. Cellulose is made up of sugars, but they are intertwined in a more complicated way than starch.

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