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Q: What other land area compares to panama?
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Which country has larger land area Guatemala Honduras Belize Elsalvador Nicaragua Costa Rica and panama?


What is the area of Panama?

Total: 78,200 sq km land: 75,990 sq km water: 2,210 sq km Panama is a country as opposed to just any old area. It is the Southern most part of North America, and lies between Costa Rica and Columbia.

What explorer explored the isthmus of panama?

Vasco de Balboa is the explorer that crossed the Isthmus of Panama. He crossed over land in that area. Now ships can cross that area through the Panama Canal to get from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

What are the land forms in panama cidy?

what are the landforms of panama

What strip of land is connected to panama?

~The Isthmus of Panama. !

What US state compares to Ontario in land area?

Alaska and Texas are the two largest U.S. states based on land area. Alaska has 570,640 square miles of land area. Texas has 261,231 square miles of land area. Ontario, Canada has total land area of 354,342 square miles.

What kind of land does panama have?

panama is an isthmus an is in the central America.

When the Panama Canal was built the swamp land surrounding the area was drained to .When the Panama Canal was built the swamp land surrounding the area was drained to .?

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Is the isthmus of panama land or water?

An 'isthmus' is land

Is isthmus of Panama water or land?

An 'isthmus' is land

What city do you fly in to get to Panama City?

Travelers who are looking to enjoy Panama City either during spring break or any other time of year typically arrive by air. If you are flying to Panama City, your flight will land in Panama City itself.

List Central American countries by land area?

Nicaragua,Honduras,Guatemala,Panama,Costa Rica,Belize,El Salvador