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Every square, rectangle, and rhombus is also a parallelogram.

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A parallelogram need not be a square, it need not be a rhombus but it is a convex shape.

you cant because a square, rectangle, and a any other shape with parallel lines is a parallelogram. :)

A square is a parallelogram a parallelogram isn't always a square. The definition of parallelogram is a closed shape with two parallel sides. So a rectangle is a parallelogram and so is a square and a rombus. The definition of square is shape with four equal sides.

The shape is like a diamond,or a rectangle. Parallelogram

a parallelogram is any shape that has 4 sides unless it says a certain type of parallelogram then you draw that shape.

A parallelogram is a shape with four sides e.g square.

The area of a parallelogram is not enough information to determine its shape.

A shape must have 4 sides in order to be a parallelogram (minus other defining characteristics a shape must have to be a parallelogram).

A parallelogram is a shape or figure with Four sides that have one of the opposite sides of one side the same lenth. So a square IS a parallelogram.

By definition, a parallelogram has four sides. There is no other type of parallelogram.

It can be a rectangle, a rhombus, or a square.

A parallelogram is a quadrilateral (4 sided shape) with 2 pairs of parallel sides. As a square has two pairs of sides that are parallel to each other, it must be a parallelogram just as a rectangle is. Although all squares and rectangles are parallelograms, not all parallelograms are rectangular or square.

A parallelogram is a type of hsape. It is a shape who's side never intersect if they were to go on forever. So, a square is a TYPE of paralellogram

Rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, trapezium, kite. Also a chevron, which is a concave 4-sided shape.

You get a rectangle, a parallelogram, or a quadrilateral, depending on how extensively you distort the square.

A parallelogram is any regular geometric shape in which two opposite sides are parallel to each other.

A shape that isn't a: -parallelogram -quadrilateral -square -rectangle

a square, rectangle and parallelogram

rectangleTrapezoid, Kite, Parallelogram, Rhombus.


-- quadrilateral-- parallelogram-- rectangle-- rhombus-- square

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