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What other store can you use target debit card?


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If it is a Visa or other standard named card, you can use it anywhere that takes debit cards.


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Sometimes they charge a nominal fee for using the card as a debit depending on what store you are using it in

The regular Target credit card can only be used in store and online. But, they also have a Target Visa Card that you can use anywhere that Visa is accepted.

While the debit card uses a magnetic strip, the smart card typically uses an embedded semiconductor to store and maintain information.

A Visa debit card is similar to other debit cards. However, it can be used worldwide and is a fast alternative to cash or checks. Therefore, if travel is one of your pasttimes, Visa would be the perfect debit card.

One can obtain a Paypal debit card from the actual PayPal website or from online stores such as Amazon. One can also go to a local grocery store to purchase such a debit card.

Yes, but the funds are still withdrawn from the account that the debit card it linked to ... in other words using the debit card as a credit card is still a point of sale transaction. You cannot be extended "credit" on a debit card.

Target charged my account from on line in error.

With MasterCard you can get a prepaid debit card by purchasing it online or at a store. Then you call the phone number on the card packaging to activate it. When you purchase the card you can add funds to it. You can even have your paycheck deposited to the card.

in the language of bank and other financial institutions debit means withdrawl. so by naming debit card as debit card bank says '' it is a card by using which u can do any purchases and in return we will debit ur bank balance by that amount. so in debit card u are not borrowing cash from bank (as u do in credit card), but u are using your own money which u have earlier deposited in bank. so in short: debit card is a card by using which u are debiting ur bank's credit balance.

If it has the Visa logo you can use it any place Visa is accepted.

If you've got one, you can use it anywhere you would use any other sort of debit card.

where is the roll no on a debit card

NO reason why not - assuming the store accepts debit cards for payment of goods.

The grocery store will charge your credit or debit card and give you cash back.

no, it is a credit card. a mastercard can be either a debit or a credit card

A common function of the debit card is as an ATM card.

Yes because I use my food stamp debit card there all the time.

Debit cards were introduced in 1977-1978. Master Charge, now called Master Card had a debit card called Signet. Visa's debit card was called Entree.

The last four numbers on your card

Can you Td debit card in jamaica

where is the promo code on a debit card

A debit card takes the money out of an existing account. A credit card, on the other hand, allows you to borrow money (which must be repaid) by paying someone (the loan) directly.

A top up card allows you to store money on it, like a debit card, and you can use this money on the card to top up your phone.

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