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Q: What over the counter medicine for headache is not a blood thinner?
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Is linsinopril a blood thinner?

Blood pressure medicine

Why would you have an INR test if you do not take blood thinners?

If your blood is too heavy.Use asperin medicine that is blood thinner and save that medicine is Acid.acetylsalic

Is clonazepam a blood thinner?

No it is not a blood thinner

Which homeopathic medicine for instead of Ecosprin?

Ecosprin is aspirin 75 mg and is used for variety of purpose such as anti-platelet agent, blood thinner, etc For it's use as blood thinner in homeopathy, we have a remedy by the name 'platinum Mettalica'

Is magnesium a blood thinner?

yes magnesium is a natural blood thinner.

What type of drug is heparin?

Heparin is a blood thinner used to prevent blood clots.

Is Aleve a blood thinner?

No, it is not a blood thinner Aleve is a proprietary name for Naproxen which is from the class called Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory drugs. It is used to relieve pain and inflammation, for example in arthritis.

Can give blood if i am on blood thinner?

People on blood thinner such as coumadin are not eligible to donate blood. The blood thinner inhibits the bloods ability to clot and may be dangerous to the recipient of the blood transfusion, especially during surgery.

Can you take instaflex if on blood thinner?

Can you take Instaflex while on Eliquis blood thinner

Is a blood clot on the brain often makes a person unconscious and give severe headache?

my father is suffring from blood clot in brain.he is semi will he recover from this stage. is there any medicine for that blood clot in brain?

Is blood pressure the cause of continuous headache?

A high blood pressure can cause a headache, but there are many other things that can cause headache.

Does eating grapefruit affect blood thinner effects when on Warfarin?

Does grapefruit cause blood to get thinner?