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What over the counter medicines can you take for heartburn while pregnant?

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You can have Maalox, Myanta or Tums - Original. No rolaids. Yes, you can ask the pharmacist too as the previous person suggested. Have a chat with the pharmacist that is what he/she is trained for.

2007-12-08 01:33:38
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Q: What over the counter medicines can you take for heartburn while pregnant?
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What over the counter medicines can you take for a cold while pregnant?

Ask your doctor or midwife

What over the counter pain medicines can you take while pregnant?

You should discuss that with your doctor.

What types of prescriptions should never be used while pregnant?

Aspirin, antihistamines, accutane, and some blood pressure medicines. There are more. You should check with your doctor before taking any over the counter medicines or perscriptions while pregnant :)

Is it safe to eat hot peppers while pregnant?

Yes, but you have to be prepared for heartburn after.

Is okay to eat chili while pregnant?

The only reason to avoid eating chili while pregnant is to avoid the heartburn that follows. So if you're not getting heartburn, or if it's really mild, there's no reason not to eat it (especially if you're craving it).

Are you pregnant if you have heartburn and your bloated?

Having heartburn and being bloated does not necessarily mean that you are pregnant. While these two things are symptoms of pregnancy, they are also symptoms of many other conditions. Most pregnant women don't get heartburn until the second trimester anyways. If you miss a period and start experiencing other symptoms of pregnancy, then you should probably get tested to see if you are pregnant.

Is it safe to eat spicy foods while pregnant?

Yes, it fine as long as you are comfortable with it. It may cause heartburn.

What are some good headache relief medicines?

Good over-the-counter medicines include Tylenol and Aspirin which relieves pain while Advil and Motrin also are anti-inflammatory medicines. There are also the prescription pain relievers.

Which foods would you recommend cooking while pregnant to avoid heartburn?

There are several foods that can cause heartburn, so avoid those foods that trigger it. A good list of foods to prevent heartburn while pregnant would be vegetables, fruits, nothing with caffeine, do not eat big meals and drink lots of water. More detailed information can be found here:

Is mucinex d safe while pregnant?

Do not take any medications while pregnant , even over the counter ones, without consulting your Dr first.

Can you eat hot chips while pregnant?

Yes, but it could cause heartburn and it is empty calories so weight gain is a by product.

Can you eat buffalo chicken wings while pregnant?

A person can eat buffalo chicken wings while they are pregnant. The problem with the buffalo chicken wings, however, is how the woman is going to feel afterwards. The hotter the wings, the more chance that a pregnant woman will have heartburn.

What can you take to relieve constipation while pregnant?

Every Dr is different. He/she should give you a list of which medicines you can have while pregnant. I believe the one my Dr approved was Senokot...As always before you take any kind of medication while pregnant ASK YOUR DR!!!

Which are the most effective heartburn treatments?

There are several over-the-counter remedies for heartburn on the market, but not nearly enough information to go along with them to help you make a wise choice. While the makers of the different heartburn remedies produce plenty of ads for their products, those ads don't tell consumers what product is best for them.

Can drinking orange juice while pregnant kill the baby?

No, it is not toxic to you or the baby. It may give you heartburn because it is acidic, but that is a transitory issue.

Can you take Benadryl while pregnant?

No over the counter medications should be taken while pregnant without talking to a doctor first, preferably one's own OB/GYN.

Can you take Advil when you are pregnant?

Do not take any medications while pregnant, even over the counter ones, without consulting your Dr first.

Can laxatives cause a miscarriage 4 weeks pregnant?

most likely not, but it is always best to consult your OB/GYN before taking any medicines while pregnant

Is it normal to get a thick creamy discharge while taking antibiotic's.And should you go and get the over counter yeast infection medicines?

antibiotics do increase the chances of getting a yeast infection, and over the counter yeast infection medicines are okay... but i would recommend getting a prescription from the doctor because its more effective

Is it safe to eat chili during pregnancy?

It is entirely safe to eat chili while pregnant. The only side effect could be heartburn or stomach upset.

Can you take PeptoBismal while pregnant?

Its not recommended because Pepto has aspirin in it which is a blood thinner, and dangerous for the unborn baby. You should try Tums or Maalox for heartburn instead.

What cold medicines to take if I'm pregnant?

do not take any the only thing to take while pregant is tums--NOTHING ELSE IS SAFE!

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Can eating spicy foods while you have heartburn kill you?

Chances are, eating spicy food while you have heartburn would not kill you. However, heartburn may be a sign of an ulcer, and a sufficiently severe ulcer can actually kill you, because you can bleed to death.

What over the counter medicine can you take while pregnant?

Ask you doctor, midwife or pharmacist because they will be able to give you an accurate answer