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5 mg oxycodone pill

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Q: What oxycodone pill has k 18 on it?
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What is pill k 18?

According to's Pill Identifier, a round white tablet imprinted with 'K 18' is Oxycodone 5mg.

What is a K 57 purple pill?

20 mg instant release oxycodone hydrochloride

What is oxycodone HCL 10 MG?

What stronger k-56 pill or percocet 10/325

What is the real name for the pill oxycodone?

Oxycodone IS the real name of the medication.

How does oxycodone enter the body?

Oxycodone enters the body by taking a pill.

What is the white pill TEC?

That is an oxycodone

Do they make a oxycodone 20.325mg pill?

No they do not

What is pill 4839?

The pill with the imprint 4839 is Acetaminophen-Oxycodone. Acetaminophen-Oxycodone is used for the treatment of pain and is classified as a narcotic.

Is an orange pill with o m and 100 on it Oxycodone?

According to an online Pill ID site, an orange pill with an "O-M" and "100" is Nucynta (tapentadol) 100mg. That is not Oxycodone, but it is an opioid pain medication, as is Oxycodone.

What is a blue pill with a 215 on it?

Oxycodone 30mg

What does the pill oxycodone HCL 10 mg look like?

Small pink pill with imprint K56 on it

What is the mg of an Watson 820 pill?

A Watson 820 pill is a yellow, round pill. It's a generic form of Percodan which contains Oxycodone and Asprin, pretty much just like Percocet. The pill contains Oxycodone HCL 4.5mg/ Oxycodone Terephthalate 0.38 mg, and 325mg of Asprin.

What pill has 30 on one side and squared M on the other?

It is oxycodone hydrochloride 30mgs.

What is this pill m0552?

Oxycodone Immediate Release 5mg

What is white round pill with 30 and m?


What is blue pill with R 215 on it?

It is a oxycodone 30mg

Around blue pill with 224 on one side?

this pill is an oxycodone/roxicodone 30mg

How much does a 30mg oxycodone pill weigh?

100mg to 150mg depending on pill thats total pill weight

Round blue pill with A above 215?

It is a Oxycodone 30mg

What is Oxycodone Hcl 20 mg KVK?

a pain pill

Does an oxycodone have the 512 on it? is Oxycodone (generic Percocet) 325 mg of Tylenol with 5 mg of Oxycodone. The maker of this pill is Mallinckrodt Medical Inc

Oxycodone what does a 20mg oxycodone tablet look like?

it's a small round pink pill

Can you use oxycodone and aspirin?

Absolutely! Many painkillers contain both aspirin and oxycodone in th same pill.

Pill imprinted M 15 and scored?

It is a Oxycodone 15 mg

What is a Round white pill Watson 933 on it?

Oxycodone 7.5mg/325mg

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