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Kino kills the trackers in Chapter 5 of "The Pearl," towards the end of the chapter. The specific page number can vary depending on the edition of the book.

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Q: What page does Kino kill the trackers in the pearl?
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What did Kino do with the pearl at the end of the book the pearl page?

he through it back into the ocean where fell to the seabed

What did the beggars know about the doctor and about Juana and Kino?

The beggars knew that the doctor refused to treat Coyotito because Kino and Juana could not pay him. They also knew that Kino and Juana's pearl discovery had attracted attention and that they were seeking a better life.

What page does kino beat up juana?

in chaper 5 around 59ish

What does the dialogue between Kino and Juana on page 733 convey?

The dialogue between Kino and Juana on page 733 conveys their conflicting viewpoints on whether to keep or dispose of the pearl. Kino wants to sell it for a better life, while Juana fears the pearl's negative impact on their family. This tension highlights their differing priorities and sets the stage for the conflict that unfolds in the story.

What page in the pearl did the doctor refuse to see Coyotito?

The doctor refuses to see Coyotito on page 25 of "The Pearl" by John Steinbeck.

What are the answers to the 5 questions of chapter 4 the of the book the pearl by John Steinbeck longman books?

These are the questions 1:Why do the pearl fisher still go to the dealers even though they konw they are being cheated ny them? 2:What do you think is the priest's real intention in the sermon that Kino refers to on page 68? 3:How do the'dramatic effects'(see page 71)of the dealer and Kino differ? 4:Why is Juan Tomas afride for Kino(page 67)? 5:What about Kino mean when he tells Juana,'Believe me , i am a man,'and what is Juana's answer to this? thx so much

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In the book the pearl what is Juana doing as she leaves the house on page 59?

On page 59 of "The Pearl" by John Steinbeck, Juana leaves the house and accompanies Kino to the doctor's house to treat their son, Coyotito, who was stung by a scorpion. She is determined to help her son and will do whatever it takes to ensure his well-being.

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What page is frantically on in the pearl?

I am sure it's on page 75.

What page is the word precipitated on in the book The Pearl?

Page 23

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