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Flora baids Turtle's hair on page 46 of "The Westing Game" by Ellen Raskin.

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Q: What page does flora braid turtle's hair in the westing game?
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Who is flora in the book westing game?

flora miller baumbach is the newly appointed chairman of westing paper products

Who is turtles first witness in the westing game?

Turtle's first witness in "The Westing Game" is Sydelle Pulaski. She is chosen by Turtle to be her partner in the game and helps her in unraveling the mystery. Sydelle is known for her eccentric personality and unique fashion sense.

Who was the dressmaker in the westing game?

In "The Westing Game" by Ellen Raskin, the dressmaker is Flora Baumbach. She is one of the 16 heirs who are involved in a mysterious game to solve the murder of Samuel Westing. Flora is known for her eccentric and colorful outfits.

Who was a dress maker in the Westing Game?

Flora Baumbauch

What is flora baumbachs race in the westing game?


Westing game where does flora put her money?

Under the Mattris

Who is the girl with the braid who followed the stock market westing game?

The girl with the braid who followed the stock market in "The Westing Game" is Angela Wexler. She is one of the sixteen heirs involved in the mysterious game to inherit Samuel W. Westing's fortune. Throughout the story, Angela proves to be both intelligent and resourceful in her pursuit of the game's clues.

Who did Flora once make a wedding dress for in Westing Game?

Flora Baumbach made a wedding dress for Angela Wexler in "The Westing Game." Angela, one of the heirs in the mystery novel, wore the dress for her wedding to Denton Deere.

Who hired a private investigated in the westing game?

Flora Baumbach hired private investigator, Barney Northrup, in "The Westing Game."

What did mrshoo steal from westing game?

Mr. Hoo stole a pair of binoculars from the Westing mansion, which was one of the clues in the Westing game mystery.

What was turtles real name in the westing games?

In the Westing Game, Turtle Wexlers real name was Alice.

Who is turtle's chess partner at the end of the westing game?

Turtle's chess partner at the end of "The Westing Game" is Flora Baumbach, her mother. They team up to solve the mystery of Sam Westing's death and win the Westing game.