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What paper did Superman work for?

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The Daily Planet.

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Q: What paper did Superman work for?
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How do you draw Superman?

You get a pencil, paper, and if you feel special, a picture of superman! Then you get the pencil and make marks on the paper until it looks like superman.

In Superman what was the name of Kent Clark's paper?

The Daily Planet

Does kryptonite work on zombie Superman?

If superman ever became a zombie, probably.

Who does Superman work with?

Lois Lane

Which newspaper does Superman work as a reporter?

The Daily Planet

How work paper battery?

how dose work the paper bettary

All versions of Superman?

utimate superman (strongest) superman prime one million superman prime superboy prime sowrd of superman cosmic armor superman all star superman sun dipped superman aplopit cyborg superman evil cyborg superman cyborg superman steel superman modern age blue superman eradicator superman red/blue ultraman bizzoro ad superman ga superman sa superman green latern superman pre crisis superman (weakest)

Who would win Superman or T Rex?

Boringly enough, Superman. I wonder if it's occurred to anyone how pointless life would seem for Superman. It's not like his strength is impressive to him. Imagine if you found yourself on a world of people made out of tissue paper who could only jump an inch and move at the speed of a snail. To them, you'd be "Superman", and you could kill all the tissue paper T-Rex's there you wanted to. But would you be proud? Would it give you satisfaction?

Superman strongest to weakest?

superman prime one million (strongest) superman prime superboy prime cosmic armour superman superman with the sowrd of superman tangest superman cosmic superman ultraman superman one million sundipped superman gaint cyborg superman cyborg superman allstar superman red/blue superman superman superboy smallvill klanrk kent (weakest)

What is the value of a 1993 the legacy of Superman comic book?

Like many comics outside of the "golden age" and some "silver age", the Legacy of Superman is hardly worth the paper it is printed on in the modern market.

What movie titles include the word Superman?

Superman Superman Returns Superman II Superman III Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Waiting for Superman Superman/Doomsday The Batman Superman Movie: World's Finest Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Superman/Batman: Apocalypse All-Star Superman Leaving Metropolis (which was called 'Poor Superman' in Canada)

Order of Superman based on how powerfull they are?

ultimate superman (strongest) superman prime one million superman prime super man with sowrd of superman tough robot superman all star superman cosmic super man silver superman pre crisis superman normal superman (weakest)

Did Superman work on a farm?

No but Clark Kent grew up on a Kansas farm.

How many movies are there featuring Superman?

there are eight Superman and the mole men superman the movie superman 2 superman 3 superman 4 the quest for peace superman returns superman 2 the richard donner cut man of steel

Is there a movie about Superman?

"Superman" (1948) "Atom Man vs Superman" (1950) "Superman and the Molemen" (1951) "Superman: The Movie" (1978) "Superman II" (1980) "Superman III" (1983) "Superman IV: The Quest For Peace" (1987) "Superman Returns" (2006) "Man of Steel" (2013)

What are all th Supermans in order of power?

ultimate superman (strongest) superman prime one million superman prime superboyprime sowrd of superman superman one million tough robot superman all star superman cosmic super man superman red/blue golden age superman silver age superman red son superman ultra man bizzor superman (weakest)

How does a paper towel work?

The paper absorbs liquid

Who was the author of Superman Comics?

There have been many different writers over the years to work on Superman comice books. The creators of Superman, though are Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. They were both living in Clevelan, OH at the time of superman's "creation"

What are the names of all the Superman movies?

Superman: The Movie (1978) Superman II (1980) Superman III (1983) Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (1987) Superman Returns (2006)

Are Superman and batman enemies?

No- they are both superheroes and sometimes even work together. They do have their major differences with eachother- Superman represents American justice as Batman represents dark vengeance.

Naruto or Superman?


What are the names of the Superman movies?

Superman: The Movie Superman 2 Superman 3 Superman 4: The Quest for Peace Superman Returns There's also Superman: Doomsday which isn't part of the live action series. It's a stand alone animated version.

When did the Superman movies with Christopher Reeve come out?

Superman: The Movie- 1978 Superman II- 1980 Superman III- 1983 Superman IV: The Quest For Peace- 1987

Who acted as Superman in the motion picture?

Christopher Reeve in:Superman (1978),Superman II (1980)Superman III (1983)Brandon Routh in:Superman Returns (2006)

What number Superman was Christopher Reeve?

He was #3 Superman (Kirk Alyn was #1 Superman and George Reeves was #2 Superman)