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Im pretty sure cupid shoots peoples butts! haha

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Q: What part does cupid shoot the arrow to?
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Who asked Cupid to shoot who with a arrow?

aphrodite ask cupid to shoot an arrow at psyche and make her fall in love with the ugliest monster he could find, but it didn't work

Why does cupid have an arrow in his back?

Cupid (Eros) does not have an arrow IN in his back but he carries golden arrows to shoot peole with so they fall in love with the first person the see.

How do get a cupid zombie in zombie farm PS you can't buy it lvl. 25?

shoot one with a arrow.

How many arrow have cupid?

there are two arrow in the back of cupid.

What part if the body must Cupid's arrow hit?

It does not matter, their power is great.

What does cupid Cupid carries?

a bow and arrow!

When was Cupid Shoot Me created?

Cupid Shoot Me was created on 2009-08-31.

What does Cupid carry with him?

a bow and arrow!

What objects are associated with cupid?

Cupid is associated with a bow and arrow.

What objects is cupid associated with?

Cupid is associated with a bow and arrow.

What are the ratings and certificates for Cupid's Arrow - 2010?

Cupid's Arrow - 2010 is rated/received certificates of: Germany:16 USA:R

What is Cupid 's projectile?