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Nowhere. Lady Gaga has had no plastic surgery.

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Q: What part of Lady Gaga has had plastic surgery?
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Do lady gaga have two private part?

She HAD both parts but she had surgery

Is Lady Gaga American or British?

Lady Gaga is part American and part Italian.

Is Lady Gaga a Italian or spanish?

Lady Gaga is part American, part Italian

Is Lady Gaga sum way Irish?

No, Lady Gaga is part American and part Italian.

Is Lady Gaga a boy and does she have a man part?

No. Lady GaGa is a girl with female parts.

Is Lady Gaga Asian?

No! Lady Gaga Is Part (or a quart) Italian. Shes from New York.

What part of Italy is Lady Gaga from?

Lady GaGa was born in New York City, not Italy

What part of speech is Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga is a proper noun, the name of a specific person.

Does Lady Gaga come from Brazil?

No, Lady Gaga lives was born in Yonkers, New York. She is part American and part Italian.

Where is the oldest part of almonte?

lady gaga

If Lady Gaga is part American and part Italian why does she speak french in her music videos?

None can disern the true motives of Lady Gaga...

What part of America is Lady Gaga from?

Lady Gaga is not from italy.obiously,shes italian. look at her name:STEFFINI JOANNE GEROMMOTA

Is Lady Gaga Chinese?

No, Lady Gaga is not Chinese, she is part American and part"COLOR: #000" name="No">Nono but about to become a hermaphrodite lol

What part of Ireland is Lady Gaga from?

Lady Gaga is not from any part of Ireland. She is from New York in the USA. She is of Italian and French Canadian origins, not Irish.

Is Lady Gaga a part of the pussycat girls?


What is Lady Gaga's nationality?

Lady Gaga is part American and part Italian. Her father is Joseph Germanotta and her mother is Cynthia whose maiden name was Bissett.

Lady Gaga was born with a boy part?

She was born with a, as Gaga herself called it, a "beautiful vagina"

Is Asian lady?

No! Lady Gaga Is Part (or a quart) Italian. Shes from New York.

Is Lady Gaga American?

Yes, Lady Gaga is American listen to her on a live tour, listen you can hear it in her voice. She is also part Italian.

What university did Lady Gaga go to?

Lady Gaga attended the Tisch School of the Arts, which is one of the schools that is a part of New York University.

Did Lady Gaga have a boys private?

No Lady Gaga did not ever have a boy's private part, that was just a rumor based off of an unfortunate picture.

Who wrote the popular song Paprazzi?

The song is written by Rob Fusari and Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga preforms the song. It is written about Gaga's struggle to fame.It is part of her "The Fame" album.

Is Lady Gaga part french or just very good at french?

Lady Gaga get her name from a Queen song that had the words " all you hear is radio gaga." She is a big Queen fan.

Will Lady Gaga Make an ARTPOP Part 2 Album?

Apparently Lady GaGa is planning to make an ARTPOP Part 2 album but the artist is still unsure as of November 2013.

What Catholic church does Lady Gaga go to?

None, Lady Gaga is Homosexual meaning she cannot be a part of the Catholic Church do to their views against Homosexuality