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It is 1/5

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One. Sixth

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Q: What part of the American flag is blue in a fraction?
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In an american flag approximately what part of the flag is blue Explain?

On the American flag, the upper left hand corner is referred to as the field and that is the part of the flag that is blue. The white stars are present on top of the blue field on the flag. The blue field takes up 17.6% of the entire flag.

What is the part of the American flag where the stars are?

The Blue field

What is the name for the blue part on the American flag?

The blue part of the flag of the United States of America is called the "canton" or the "union" and is located in the upper left corner of the flag closest to the pole or "hoist" side of the flag

What part of the flag is blue written as fraction?

The answer depends on which countries flag the question is about. In the case of France, for example, the answer is 0%. For Haiti it is 50%. For the EU it is much more.

What does the blue stripe on the american flag mean?

There are no blue stripes on the American Flag. There are red and white stripes for each of the original 13 colonies. The blue part in the left corner with 50 stars is for the 50 states. The blue is because America's colors are red, white, and blue.

What is the blue part of the American flag called?

canton or union (although I think I have heard it called the field also)

What part of the American flag blue explain?

one fifth because if you divide it equally in fifth, i lookes well

What is the blue part of the flag called?


Why was red and white and blue chose to represent North Carolina?

It's the colors of the American flag, and also the colors of the Confederate flag, which used to be displayed as part of the North Carolina flag.

Which American state has a British union flag as part of its flag?


What part of the Finnish flag is white?

The Nordic cross on the Finnish flag is blue and the remainder of the flag is white.

Why is the England flag on the American flag?

The English flag isn't on the American flag any more. However on the top left corner of the American flag use to be the England flag because America was part of England.

How was Betsy Ross part of the American Revolution?

she sewed the American Flag

What does the blue part on the US flag mean?

the blue signifies vigilance. perseverance & Justice

How many stars does the American flag have on the blue part?

The current design of the American flag, as adopted on July 4, 1960, contains 50 stars, arranged as five rows of six stars and four rows of five stars.

What color are the American flag stripes?

Like every flag in the world (almost, there are very specific colors for each part. In the case of the American flag the exact white, red, and blue colors to be used in the flag are specified with reference to the CAUS Standard Color Reference of America, 10th edition.These (with the blue included for completeness sake) are:White: Cable No. 70001Old Glory Red: Cable No. 70180Old Glory Blue: Cable No. 70075

Is there a country with a red and blue flag with no white?

Liechtenstein's flag is blue in the top half and red in the bottom half. There is also a yellow/gold crown in the blue part.

How does the flag of Taiwan look like?

The flag of Taiwan is rectangular in shape. Most of the flag is a bright shade of red. The upper left part of the flag is blue and has a white sun in the middle of that blue region.

These appeared on the first American flag and are still part of the flags design today?

What appered on the first American flag is , No body knoes

What are wrong things to do with the American flag?

When waving the American flag, be careful not to let any part of it touch the ground, because this is offensive.

Is there an easy way to draw the Australian flag?

No. There isn't but the easiest way is to draw the UK flag, put blue around it in a rectangular shape. Then draw stars on that blue part (dark blue).

What part of the Ukrainian flag represents the wheat fields of Ukraine?

The Blue, top part of the flag is the sky and the bright yellow represents the golden wheat fields.

What is the red and white part of the American flag called?

The "field." The horizontal length of the flag is called the "fly." The height of the flag is called the "hoist."

What is the blue part on the US flag called?

It's usually called the canton or the union.

What colour would you see on the white part of a flag if a red spotlight and a blue spotlight of equal brightness shone on the flag?


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