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Joan was not a part of the hierarchy.

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Q: What part of the hierarchy is Joan of Arc?
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Where did Joan of Arc originate from?

Joan of Arc was born in the little town of Domremy in a part of Eastern France known as Lorraine.

Was Joan of Arc a tart?

No, Joan of Arc was not a 'tart.'

Is there a special day named after Joan of Arc?

Joan of Arc Day (the feast of Joan of Arc) is on May 30.

What did Joan of Arc have to do with the Reformation?

Joan died over 100 years before the Reformation so had no part in it.

What were the beliefs of Joan of Arc?

Joan of Arc was a devout Catholic.

Was Joan of Arc decapitated?

No, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.

Who played Joan of Arc in the movie Joan of Arc?

Ingrid Bergman starred as Joan in the movie Joan of Arc in the 1948 version. However, in the latest creation of the 1999 film. LeeLee Sobieski starred as Joan of Arc.

Who was a hero of the French executed in 1431?

Certainly Joan of Arc - in French: Jeanne d'Arc, burnt at the skate by the English.

Why do some people spell Joan of Ark Joan of Arc?

Joan of Arc is the correct spelling, not Joan of Ark.

Did Joan of Arc love girls?

No, Joan of Arc was not a lesbian if that is what you are asking.

What did they call Joan of Arc?

Maid of Orleans Joan of arc the savior

Did Joan of Arc have any babies?

No. Joan of Arc died a virgin.