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Q: What part of the male reproductive system is surgically cut during sterilization vasectomy?
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What are some advantages and disadvantages of cloning as a reproductive technique?

I can list some disadvantages and they are: High failure rate, Problems during later development, Abnormal gene expression patterns and Telomeric differences which is when the chromoscones get shorter. Hope it helps because I'm still looking for advantages!

How is genetics material combined between two parents?

During sexual reproduction male and female gametes are formed in the respective reproductive organs. The gametes are haploid having half the number of chromosomes found in the parent body cells. These chromosomes have the genetic material in the form of DNA. When a male gamete unites with a female gamete during fertilization, the chromosomes in the zygote get doubled. The homologous chromosomes get paired at the time of meiosis in these offsprings and get combined by crossing over.

Why rubber bands can not be sterilize by sterrad?

it is not if rubber bands can be sterilized in Sterrad, because they can. However, they should not be used to "tie something up where the rubber surfaces are compressed against one another. The main issue with rubber is that it does absorb hydrogen peroxide and holds it, reducing the amount of hydrogen peroxide for sterilizing the Maine targeted products. To much rubber and the cycle may cancel. The other aspect is that materials like rubber and some plastics will deteriorate quickly because of the oxidation effects during sterilization.

Summarize the major accomplishments achieved during this performance appraisal period?

major accomplishments during performance during apprasial period

When did the delivery of current expected to increase during defibrillation?

delivered current during defibrillation is expected to increase with which of the following?

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What reproductive parts are affected during a vasectomy?

No reproductive part is affected by vasectomy adversely. You cut the vas diferens in vasectomy. Thereby the sperms do not enter the semen and fertility is prohibited. This is very simple procedure with almost no complications. Unfortunately the brave males usually force the females to go for tubectomy. Tubectomy is relatively much more invasive procedure.

What does 'spay' actually mean?

The term spay is used to mean the sterilization procedure performed on female cats and dogs. During the surgery, the female reproductive organs are removed.

What is a process that prevents conception?

Any process that prevents conception is called birth control. This may be all natural such as refraining from intercourse during fertile periods, a barrier method like condoms, hormonal such as the pill or sterilization (tubal ligation or vasectomy).

Does the pH of the medium change during sterilization?

yes. The PH will changer We have to adjust the pH after sterilization by filtration

Is chemical sterilization permitted by OSHA?

Chemical sterilization of people as a result of exposure during their work is not permitted by OSHA.

Disadvantage of cutting the sperm duct?

The sperm duct, or vas deferens, is cut during a vasectomy, the procedure for male sterilization. After this process, a man can no longer get a woman pregnant. If you're a man who wants to have children, this is a problem. If you are a man who does NOT want any more children, this is a good thing.

How many different kinds of birth control are there?

There is sterilization (vasectomy, tubal ligation, Essure), internal (IUD), hormonal (BCP, shot, implant, patch, ring, etc.), barrier (Cervical cap, diaphragm, condom, and sponge), fertility-awareness (abstinence during fertile cycle), withdrawal and spermicide.

Does the pH of the media change during sterilization why?

The pH is dependent on the temperature.

Does compulsory sterilization has anything to do with world war 1?

No, this was not an issue during WW1.

Why petri dish need to be wrapped during sterilization?

They may be contaminated MORON.

How many cell are produced by a reproductive cell during meiosis?

4 Cells are produced by a reproductive cell during meiosis

Precautions to be taken during blood transfusion?

sterilization of equipments, compatibility of blood types,etc