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According to freud what part of the mind is concerned with morals and ethics?


Can Irish be psychoanalyzed?

Not according to Freud.

What is the id according to Freud?

The unconscious.

Who according to freud was thantos?

The evil Egyptians..

What is superego according to sigmund freud?


According to Freud a repressed impulse?

becomes stronger.

Who is a magnified father according to Sigmund Freud?


What is ego according to Sigmund Freud?

Our conscious self.

According to freud the latent content of a dream refers to?

Freud believed that the latent content in a dream referred to the dream's underlying yet censored meaning. Sigmund Freud was a neurologist.

What are three elements that make up a structure of personality according to Freud?

According to freud, the three elements that make up the structure of personality are: the ID, the ego and the superego.

According to freud which part of the personality is the biological part?

The id

What man is to other men according to freud?

It's "WOLF."

According to Freud children possess the impulses that adults do?


Did Freud and minna have and affair?

According to Carl Jung, yes.

According to Freud children possess what impulse that adults do not?

all of

What is the superego according to Sigmund Freud?

C. Society's needs

According to Freud what has the greatest effect on our behavior?


According to Sigmund Freud human behaviors were often controlled by?

Sigmund Freud stated human behaviors are often controlled by the unconscious mind.

According to Freud the id seeks immediate satisfaction and operates according to the pleasure principle?


According to Freud what is the instinctual and primitive part of the psyche?


If spontaneous could reveal glimpses of the unconscious according to Freud?


According to Freud which part of the personality is the social part?

super ego

What does dreaming of bananas signify according to Sigmund Freud?

Phallic symbol.

Who is responsible for insight according to Freud?

The responsible are the people who lives on the past!

According to Freud the dreams of adults can be traced back to?

erotic wishes