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its when you pluck it

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Q: What part of the sitar vibrate to produce sound?
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Which part vibrate to produce sound in bell?

The metal part which makes up the bell.

Can an object produce sound if it does not vibrate?

Well, it's not necessary for the whole object to vibrate, but the part of it that's producing the sound does. Example: I'm not vibrating when I produce sound, but my vocal chords are, otherwise there's no sound. So the answer to what you're trying to ask is: No.

Give List of Instruments and the part of instrument that vibrates to produce sound?

Most percussion and string instruments operate of vibrations to produce sound. Drum heads, xylophone bars, strings and reeds all vibrate on instruments that use them to produce sound.

What does a glottis do?

Glottis are vocal folds that vibrate, which produces a "zzz" sound. This sound is a voiced sound that is part of speech.

How does the sound travels through stethoscope tube?

Sound vibrates the bell (the part at the end), that vibrate the column of air in the tubing, this vibrate the earpiece and recreates the sound.

Which part of piano produce sound?

A piano produces sound just like a guitar. Inside piano either grand or upright has piano strings attached inside with every keys. When you hit a certain key, the strings vibrate creating sound that is very pleasing in the ear.

Why do chimes belong to the percussion family?

Because for it to produce its sound, you have to strike it. It also produces sound through the vibration of the metal keys or the instrument as a whole. This is the reason a Glockenspiel can be considered as a Percussion Instrument.

What part of the ear is sound produced by?

The ear does not produce (make) sound.

Which part vibrates to produce sound in Bugle?

We just learned about this in science class. Air vibrates throughout the tube part and out the bell to produce sound waves.

Which part of Drum is vibrating part?

The skin of the drum vibrates to produce sound.

What part of a sitar vibrates to make a sound?

By sending vibrations through the strings and into the hole where it is amplified. very similar to the guitar just with different strings.

Which part of guitar vibrates to produce sound?

The strings.