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Q: What part of your body can you hop with to make music?
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Is hip hop a dance or a music?

Hip hop is not a music, its a dance with music.

Does hip hop make you smart?

maybe is depends on what kind of hip hop it is. maybe for education hip hop or u can make music off of people to make more music.

How does hip hop make people feel?

how bdoes hip hop music make peole feel

I have read some questions i dont know the ans it says a body part that makes you hop to make music the clue is it is only 3 letters but not leg coz it dosent make music could you provide an ans?

Umm... mabey toe because you tap your toe?!? :)

What kind of music Kanye West make?

he made rap music and hip hop music

When Was Hip Hop Music Created?

Hip hop music is part of hip hop culture which started in 1970 in New York City but in America Los angel is a world of famous singers and actors etc.

Does hip hop music make plants grow faster?


What type of music does Eminen make?

Hip Hop rapper

What is a bunny favorite music?

a bunny favorite music is hop hop!

What is the style of hip hop music?

The style of hip hop music is "rap". It was created in the South Bronx of New York City in the 1970s. also we cannot forget about the producers of hip hop they make music distinctly different then any other Genre, hip music is drum machine music, and without its own music and style of music it would not be a genre, the Music and style of Music for Hip Hop was created on the west 1986

Hip hop is a Music genre?

Yes. Hip-Hop is a music genre.

When was Music Hop created?

Music Hop was created on 1963-10-03.

When did Music Hop end?

Music Hop ended on 1967-06-28.

Is Swing music the base of hip-hop?

No, but it swing music is sampled a lot of hip hop djs and producers.

What are good things of hip hop music?

keep you moving , make you excited

Does hip hop music make a bag influence on kids?

It depends on the child.

How is instrumental hip hop different from ordinary hip hop music?

Instrumental hip hop music varies from traditional hip hop music as it incorporates more musical instruments. Traditional hip hop mainly has just a basic beat.

What type of music helps you run faster hip hop or rock and roll?

rock and roll because the loud noise will get your body pumped and make you go faster.

When did hip-pop dance begin?

Hip hop music is part of hip hop culture, which began in the Bronx, in New York City in the 1970s,

Was trip hop stemmed from American Folk music?

Not really. The primary influences on Trip Hop are jazz, electronic music, and hip hop.

What body part of rabbit use for moving?

they hop or they jump they dont walk or run

What type of music is the hip hop using?

Hip hop.

What is Sam Walton's favorite type of music?

hop hop

Why was hip hop music invented?

Hip Hop music was invented so people could be entertained.

What are the differences between hip hop and rap music?

Hip-Hop is an overall description of the genre that rap is a part of and rapping is described as "spoken or chanted lyrics" and has existed even before Hip-Hop came into being.