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Q: What parts of microscope regulates the low power objectives?
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What is high power objectives in microscope?

The high-power objective on a microscope is larger lens with higher magnifying power. (40x)

What objective is the darker on the microscope?

low power objectives....

What objective is the light darker on the microscope?

low power objectives....

Which is longer the HPO or LPO in the microscope?


Which objectives of microscope covers a wider field?

Low power objectives cover a wide field of view and they are useful for examining large specimens or surveying many smaller specimens. This objective is useful for aligning the microscope. The power for the low objective is 10X.

How do you determine the total magnification of microscope?

To determine the total magnification of a microscope you multiply the magnification power of the objectives lens (indicated as x10) by that of the eye piece.

Give the 15 parts of microscope?

The 15 parts of the microscope are the ocular, tube,arm,revolving nosepiece, clips,low power objector,medium power objector,high power objector, stage, coarse adjustment knob, diaphragm, light source, incline adjustment, base.

What is the objectives of use a microscope?

The objectives are what magnify an item. They are usually 10x, 40x, and 100x. These are also known as low power, high-dry, and oil immersion. Some microscopes also have a 4x for quick scanning.

What are the degree of magnifications of microscope objectives?

the compound microscope generally have three tye of objectives power lens as 10X, 45X, & 100X.

What is the picture of a microscope and what are the parts of a microscope?

Parts of a microscope are ocular lens, low power objective, nose piece, objective lenses, stage clips, light source, body tube, coarse adjustment, arm, diaphragm, eyepiece, base, stage, fine adjustment, mirror, stain, and high power objective.

How would you calulate the low power magnification of a microscope when it has 20 x eyepiece and two objectives of 10 x and 43 x respectively?

200x and 860x

How would you able to distinguish parts of the organism using the microscope?

Using high power objective lense