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Viruses cannot reproduce on their own. They must invade and infect other cells in order to be able to reproduce.

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Q: What pathogens cannot reproduce on their own?
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What are pathogens cannot reproduce on their own?


These pathogens cannot reproduce on their own and they must invade other cells to multiply?


These pathogens cannot reproduce their own they must invade other cells to multiply They are the cause of the flu and the common cold?


Can a virus reproduce?

Viruses can reproduce IF they are infecting a host cell. Viruses themselves do not have the equipment necessary to reproduce on their own, so without the host, they cannot reproduce.

Are smaller than cells and cannot reproduce on their own?

plants or animals

Where did baby corn come from?

Baby corn and corn cannot reproduce on it's own. These plants are hybrids and have been modified in labs. Corn can not grow and reproduce on its own. It is man made.

Can a higher body temperature makes it harder for pathogens to reproduce?


Can you get an infection from sperm?

No. Sperm are not pathogens. Sperm are not viruses or bacteria. Sperm cannot reproduce themselves or hijack living cells in order to transcript its DNA or cause proteins to be produced.

In what kingdom does virus belong?

Viruses are not classified into any of the kingdoms. Virus are not considered living because they cannot reproduce on their own. Viruses require a host to reproduce.

How do Ligers reproduce?

The liger cannot reproduce on its own. Only when a female tiger mates with a male lion. Due to genetic force its cub is formed as liger.

Difference of plants and animals?

Plants cannot move while animals can. Plants cannot reproduce on their own while animals can. Plants require an agent of pollination to reproduce indirectly. Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

Can steer reproduce?

Steers are castrated and cannot reproduce.

What happens when the body cannot differentiate between pathogens and body cells?

The immune system will absorb the pathogens

Are viruses considered alive?

Viruses are not considered to be living organisms as they cannot reproduce on their own, they need a host cell.

What is the name of an organism that can reproduce on its own?

An organism that can reproduce on its own has asexual reproduction

Can a virus reproduce outside of a cell?

No- a virus needs to hijack the cellular machinery of a cell to reproduce. As a virus does not have organelles e.g. ribosomes they cannot make any of their own proteins.

Can cats reproduce asexually?

No, mammals cannot reproduce asexually.

Can fossils reproduce?

No. They are dead. Dead things cannot reproduce.

How are viruses different from bacteria and fungi?

Viruses do not have cells or a metabolism and cannot reproduce on their own. Most scientists do not consider them to be living. In contrast, bacteria and fungi have cells, metabolism, and are able to reproduce.

Is the influenza virus alive?

All viruses are classified as nonliving because they do not have cells, do not have a metabolism and cannot reproduce by their own mechanisms.

How does chloroplast reproduce?

They have their own DNA.So they reproduce by binary fission.They have their own DNA.So thety replicates themselves.

Why are viruses difficult to place in the category of living things?

Viruses are technically not living because they cannot reproduce without a host cell, they cannot move on their own, and they have no organeles.

Why do bacteria grow on gelatin in a peri dish and viruses cannot grow in this manner?

Because viruses are considered nonliving and they need a host to reproduce, therfore they cannot live on their own. Now bacteria can reproduce asexually, so they can get bigger and do not need a host..

How do cone bearing plants reproduce their own kind?

how do conebearing plants reproduce their own kind

What animal cannot reproduce?

all animals can reproduce, except for the homosexual