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anything that involves money!

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What is two most common payment methods used when making purchases online?

Paying via credit card .

2 most common payment methods used when purchases online?

1.) Credit cards 2.) electronic funds transfer

What is difference between a cash payment journal and a purchases journal?

a cash payment journal is used to record only cash payment transactions where as the purchases journal is used to record ONLY purchases on account transactions

How much does a BMW cost in USA?

The cost of a BMW depends on where one purchases the vehicle,when one purchases it, and sometimes even how one purchases it. Some dealerships sell vehicles cheaper than others, and some offer discounts for different methods of payment.

What are the different payment methods available for e bay auctions?

"The payment options include: PayPal, ProPay, Moneybookers, Paymate, Credit card or debit card, payment upon pickup and Bill Me Later."

How do you use the word payment in a sentence?

He sent in the payment on his home loan. Your payment for purchases can be made by cash, check, or credit card.

What journals do you use to record purchases on account purchases for cash and cash payments?

Purchases journal is used to record purchases on account while Cash payment journal is used to record purchases for cash and cash payments.

What does Purchases journal?

Purchase journal is used to record "Credit Purchases" for resale purpose like supplies from suppliers and hence no cash purchases are recorded as cash purchases are recorded in cash payment journal.

Who is pecuniarily liable for GPC purchases they certify for payment that may later be determined illegal?

Certifying officials are pecuniarily liable for GPC purchases they certify for payment that may later be determined illegal.

What methods of payment does Kroger accept?


What do you think of eBay?

I think eBay is great place to shop. It make searching for products much easier. Besides, most of the price on eBay is good too. Payment methods is easy too.

What site accept electronic check as payment for online purchases?

walmart paypal amazon

Which form of payment allows someone to make purchases while paying for them later?


What is average payment period?

Average Payment Period is the total opposite of the Average Collection Period. This is the average time taken by the company to pay off its credit purchases.Formula:APP = Accounts Payable / (Annual Credit Purchases / 365)

What is the journal entry of accounts payable?

debit purchasescredit accounts payable*For purchases (supplies, office materials, etc.) on accountPurchases xxAccounts Payable xx*During payment of purchases on accountAccounts Payable xxPurchases xxNOTE: Journal entries depends on the accounts involved, like: Taxes, discounts and other stuffs. ^^

What are the differences between hire purchase transaction and deferred payment?

give three similarities and three difference between hire purchases and deferred payment

What types of payment methods does PDX accept for parking?

PDX accepts many payment methods. These methods include cash, debit cards, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Check online for free parking deals.

What are the different methods of controlling balance of payment disequilibrium?

which of the following methods is effective in controlling balance of payments ?

What is the payment process in Google?

There are multiple payment processes in Google. One of them is the Google Wallet, the other one is Google Checkout. They make paying for purchases easy.

What are two most common methods of payment?

monthly and weekly

What are the payment methods for sales employees?

nintau lee apa.,.

List some methods of payment and define each of them?

coins & notes : coins and notes are usually used as a method of payment and are accepted for any payment.

What methods of payment are accepted at Winco Foods?

Cash, checks, debit, WIC and EBT transactions as forms of payment.

What is sales record?

Your company's sales records are files of customer purchases with addresses, amounts, dates, products, payment methods, returns and other information constitute a rich trove of marketing data. it is likely to prove your most valuable marketing information source.

What forms are referred to as a payment method?

"Payment methods" can be by:cashcheckdebit cardcredit cardbargaining or barter

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