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Q: What percent of students don't like their school lunches?
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What Percent of middle school studens like school lunches?

i dont know but i want to

What are the 3 biggest lies at school?

that students respect the teachers that students learn that sudents listening in class that students were good that students are nice that students dont chew gum that students dont bring there phones to class that students do there hw that students care about there grades that students study for tests that students hate to get a F or D on a test that students dont talk in class that students love there teachers that students want to go to school that students try that students dont wear short shorts that students dont swear that students dont get in trouble that students try anything to not get a detention

How do school uniforms help students with discipline?

they dont the school just doesnt want other students to judge

Why dont middle school students read?

Middle School Students do read. How much is determined by their environment, and their home life.

Can a school force students to dance?

no if they dont want to do it they shouldnt do it

How many children can't go to school and why?

Twenty-five percent of Americans that start high school do not graduate. Thirty percent of high school graduates do not go on to college after graduating. Forty-three percent of students who start college will not graduate in 6 years.

What is the percent of students in the us that go to a university?

i dont know somebody just answer it already

Why students dont have to get good grades to play sports?

At my school they do they have to have a 2.50 GPA

Do students like dress codes in school?

no because they dont get to dress originally

Is school in the US boring?

yes, schools in the us are very boring... students dont really go to school but when they need to get their grades up they will go. but besides that then they dont go.

There are 240 scouts in a school If 90 of them are cubs what percent of the scouts in the school are not cubs?

62.5% i dont know the formula

How will you make your school a plastic free zone?

We can make our school a plastic free zone by avoiding throwing of plastic packets of chips,cakes,buistics etc randomly.....we can also instruct students to avoid using plastic bags for bringing ther materials.If students buy anythng from canteen they should check that where they are tthrowing their packets after having it,If they throw packets here and there inspite of throwing them into bins they should punish severly so that further thay dont repeat the same. We should encourage every students to use re-usable containers for lunches and to recycle boxes and platics,not only to students but also to parents and stuffs so that students learn from them. This is how we can make our school a plastic free zone.