What percent of the day do newborns spend sleeping?

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seventy percent

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What percent of the day do newborns spend sleeping

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Q: What percent of the day do newborns spend sleeping?
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How many hours per day do newborns spend sleeping?


What fractional part of a day do you spend sleeping if you sleep 8 hours a day?

Since there are 24 hours total in a day, and you spend 8 hours a day of sleeping, then 8/24 = 1/3. So approximately 33 percent or 1/3 of the day you spend sleeping.

What fraction of day do you spend sleeping?

The average fraction of the day one spends sleeping is 3/8.

How much of a koala's life does it spend sleeping?

Koalas spend up to 18 hours a day sleeping, so a large percentage of ther lives are spent sleeping.

Do cats spend an average of 13 or 14 a day sleeping?

Around that much. Cats are nocturnal animals, so they spend most daylight sleeping.

On average what percentage of a day does a cat spend sleeping?

A fifteen year old cat has probably spent ten years of its life sleeping cats should spend 16-18 hours a day sleeping Answer: Cats usaly spend 50 to 75% of the that's 12-16 hours a day.

If you sleep 6 hours a day what is the percentage?

you spend 25% of you're day sleeping

What does an ocelot spend its day doing?

Ocelots are nocturnal...they are probably sleeping during the day.

What does the platypus do during the day?

Platypuses are nocturnal, so they spend the whole day sleeping.

How do tigers spend their days and nights?

Female tigers spend a third of their day sleeping, the rest hunting, looking after cubs and eating. Adult males spend a third of their day sleeping, the rest hunting, eating and guarding territory.

How do wombats spend their day?

Wombats are nocturnal. This means that, for the most part, they spend their days sleeping in burrows.

What do cats mostly do?

Cats spend most of their day sleeping. An adult cat sleeps for about 15 hours each day.Most cats also spend their day eating and sleeping .THEY EAT,SLEEP, BE HAPPY.

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