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We only use about 5 percent of our brain for senses. Research has shown that we do not use 100 percent of our brains. About 10 percent of our brain is not used.

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What is the other 90 percent of your brain used for?

The widely popular belief that we use only 10% of the brain power isconsidered a myth by most neuroscientist. Infact, recent research shows that, if after a stroke or paralysis, a person looses one of his/her senses for eg. speech, then the part of the brain that was initially used for speech processing is used by 'other senses' and put to work.

Can a blind person hear better than a person who can see?

That is highly likely. When you lose (or have never had) one of your senses, the others increase their sensitivity to compensate. That is both because you rely on the other senses more, and because less of the brain is dedicated to the missing senses. So the brain connections are different when compared to people with all their senses, allowing more of the brain to be used for what is left.

Why is there a front and back on a brain?

The back part of the brain processes our raw senses. The back part of the brain takes these raw senses and performs association and analysis.

What percent of the human brain is used at any given time?

I would to understand how the brain work and what percent the human use. what happens to the remaining percent? Mydiamond2009

What percent of brain Einstein used?

He only used 9% in 100%

How much percent brain used by Einstein?


How much percent einstein used his brain?


Factors in perception?

Your 5 senses, and how your brain interprets the messages it receives from your senses.

Where are the 5 senses processed?

In The Brain.

What organ controls our senses?


The brain and senses are all parts of the?

the uestion is not finished so i cannot say it is true but i do think that the brain does hold all senses .

What percent of your body's oxygen is used by the brain?

the correct answer is 25%

Carries messages from senses to the brain?


Why do you get scared?

You get scared because of your senses in your brain

What carries messages from senses to the brain?


What do you use to take in information from your environment?

Your brain. Your wonderful, beautiful brain.

What is the sensory strip in the brain?

Its the part of your brain that controls the senses your brain encounters aswell as gives off

What percent of your brain is water?

80 percent of your brain is water. :)

Where do the senses send information?

The senses send information to the brain. The brain reacts immediately and instruct you to do the needful. Brain is like computer mother board where all datas are stored and are sent for proper action.

Carries messages from sense organs to the brain?

The nerves can carry messages from senses to the brain!

Why do Psychologists study the five senses?

to better understand the human body and the way the brain communicates to its senses

What 5 types of information does your brain get from your senses?


Send messages to the brain?

Via the five senses.

What part of the brain interprets impulses from the senses?

The cerebrum.

What percent of senses comes from eyes?