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What percentage of NFL players are college graduates?

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Since 1990, 479 underclassmen have applied for the draft, and 332 of them were actually drafted. Seventy percent got selected, which doesn't sound bad until you stop and think about the 30 percent who gave up the opportunity for a college degree and landed up with a rookie minimum contract ... or no contract at all. Only 131 were selected in the first round.

I can see the rationale these young men considered when they left school. In my opinion, only 27 percent of the underclassmen who declared for the draft since 1990 made a good decision about their football careers.

But forget football for a second. All of these 479 young people quit on their education. In my 10 years in the NFL, I didn't see many of them return for a degree. They all talk about returning to school some day, but without a scholarship, the study halls and the tutoring they had when on the College Football team, it is unrealistic to think it will ever happen.

Here are some numbers to ponder: A college graduate who never makes a living in the NFL will get cut, go home and on average make over $600,000 more money over his chosen career than the guy without a degree who gets cut. These players are abandoning a free college education to go pro even though the chances of lasting four years in the NFL is less than 20 percent.

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Do you have to graduate from college to play in the NFL?

Absolutely not. Many of the players are not college graduates.

What percentage of NFL players did not attend college?


What percentage of NFL players have college degrees?

About 50 percent of NFL players have college degrees. This is an increase from the 1980's when only 41 percent of NFL players had college degrees.

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What is the percentage of college football players going to the nfl?


What is the percentage of college players that make it into the NFL?

As of 2012, it is 2.4%.

What percentage of people make it into the NFL?

< 1% of College Players < 0.01% of High School Players

What percentage of drafted college players actually make the NFL team?


What percentage of college players make it to the NFL?

40 percent ^^^ Say huh? Not hardly. The NFL Player's Association calculates the percentage to be about 2.4%

Which current NFL players have not gone to college?

All current NFL players have attended a college. However, some players entered the NFL draft before they graduated from college. To get into the NFL, you must first be drafted by an NFL team in the college draft. Therefore, you would have to go to college to get to the NFL.

Do all college football players get to play in the NFL?

No. Not all college football players go to the NFL, not even all division 3 college football players go into the NFL

HOW many players from each college went to the nfl?

The NFL drafts 256 players out of college each year.

What percentage of all sports players have college degrees?

NFL=46% NBA=25% Soccer= 28-43%

What NFL team has the most college graduates?

New England Patriots

Why do NFL players say they are from a high school insead of their college?

The players who didn't go to college of players who when to a bad college.

How many NFL players have college degrees?

6 players

What is the percentage of women in the NFL?

As players, zero.

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How must NFL players introduce themselves in pre-game if they are not college graduates?

They don't- they pay their agents to do it for them. They state their name and high school name, city and state.

How many college players make it to the NFL each year?

450 players get picked in the nfl draft

Are NFL players required to attend college?

NFL players are not required to attend college. Still, it is quite difficult for a football player to gain the skills necessary to play in the NFL without playing college football. Still, a few European soccer players have been kickers in the NFL.

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