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Q: What percentage of college scholarship athletes who do not make it to the pros graduate and put there college degree to use?
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Do you get a college scholarship after you graduate college?

If you intend to go to graduate school then yes it is possible to get a college scholarship after you graduate college.

What percentage of high school athletes play in the college?

less than 4 percent

What are the statistics of getting a college scholarship in lacrosse?

The statistics of getting a college scholarship in lacrosse are not in your favor. Only 5 percent of athletes get college scholarships in this sport.

Why pros draft college athletes before they graduate?

they do not.

Did Allen Iverson get a college scholarship?

Yes, Georgetown University offered him a full scholarship but he didn't Graduate because of the NBA.

What is the average percentage of field goal percentage of college athletes?


Should College Athletes be exempted from normal class attendance policies?

Yes, athletes are on a scholarship to play sports. That's there main purpose of being there.

What percentage of Davidson College students are student athletes?

7% of attendees of Dividson are student athletes

What percentage of athletes went pro without college?


What percentage of US students graduate to college?

About 80%

How did Forrest gump graduate college?

He passed all of the University of Alabama's graduation requirements.

What year did Barry Griswell graduate from college?

On a full scholarship, he attended Berry College in Rome, Georgia, where he earned a bachelor's degree in 1971.