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I don't have any specific numbers, but we have a growing population of people with us who are going to school later in life and as a result are parents, whether fairly new or having children in high school/college already. There is probaly a greater number of parents, single parents, single mom's going to school online these days. Due to the quality and flexibility online or distance learning can provide. Just like

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What is the percentage of college students that claim to be Christians?

1% most are satanic and/or worship goats. its also very common for students to have sex in class

Can anyone apply for a Wachovia student loan?

Only if they are a student or graduate student at an appropriate University or College. Parents of these students can also apply. They also have loans for students in the healthcare field that are not currently at college, but are doing internships and the like.

What are the benefits of the internet to college students?

While the Internet does a lot for students, there are also benefits for parents and teachers. The interactive learning that the Internet provides can help students and parents with little or no English skills to learn English. Parents can become more involved in their children's education by connecting the school with homes, libraries or other access ports.

What companies offer discounts on car insurance for students?

There are many companies which offer discounts on car insurance for students. For instance, Geico and Progressive often have discount plans for college students. High school students also receive discounts when they are on their parents' plans.

Why do college students want jobs?

college students want work to get money and have an education also to maintain there familys oneday

Why did students go to college at a young age in past eras?

Students went to college at a young age in the past because they could graduate early. These students also went to college young to avoid being drafted into the military.

What percentage of teen parents graduate from high school?

Here to the percentage of teen parents completing high school also is very small.

Why would one want to attend Everest College?

Everest College offers assistance with financial aid and also provides instructors who teach career training for students. Also, Everest College will assist students to find employment after graduation.

How does socialization effect college students?

socialization can help college students to gain more self confidence and make new friends. This is also a way to relief stress.

What expenses do college students have?

College students have tuition, room and board and books. They also need to have fee money and spending money. If they have a car, they have gas and maintenance as well.

What does college bound high school students mean?

It means high school students who are going to college right after graduation. They qualify also because of their good grades.

What kind of college funds are there?

There are many types of college funds for students, including government student loans and stipends. There are also private loans and scholarships available to help students pay for college expenses.

What is the best laptop brand for college students?

Hp is the best for college students bcoz less amount we get good products and high configuration also we get and lot of service centre is there in our country and also easy for us....

Survey about filipino high students choice of college course?

A satisfaction survey could be used to determine Filipino students attitudes towards college. It could also determine what courses the students tend to choose.

What are the top computers purchased by college students?

The top computers purchased by college students are the MacBook, the iMac, Sony Vayo and Toshiba NB255. Additionally also HP Pavilion is a computer regularly purchased by students.

How Parents Can Help Their Child Avoid College Loans?

The cost of attending an excellent college is increasing faster than the rate of inflation. Many parents are finding the funds that they have set aside for their children to attend college are inadequate. However, parents do not have to take on the burden of college loans. Students have many options available to fund their college education. First, students should apply for scholarships. Scholarships never have to be repaid! Best of all, there are hundreds of thousands of different scholarships that students can apply for. Athletic students can win athletic scholarships. Brilliant students can win academic merit scholarships. There are also a myriad of scholarships available for students who are left handed, female, from a different country or who have a special talent. Many local businesses also offer scholarships to students as a method to boost public relations. Second, students should consider ROTC or the military. ROTC is a program that allows students to train to become military officers while attending school. An ROTC scholarship pays for the student to attend their classes, however, the student must complete a certain time in active military service following their enrollment. The military also allows members to qualify for special scholarships and payment options. The GI Bill as well as other programs can help individuals to pay for their college after they have already served in the military. Some former military students may even qualify for a housing allowance while they are studying. Third, students need to see if they are financially eligible for grants. A grant is another option to avoid loans. Many states offer a grant to their students if they achieve a certain GPA or have a certain range of test scores. However, the most common grants for students to receive are Pell grants. These grants are awarded based upon a students information on their FAFSA. The FAFSA allows students to input their income and their parents income to verify their qualification for numerous federal programs. Students and parents do not have to be saddled with student loans for the rest of their lives. There are a number of programs that students and parents can use to avoid college loans completely.

What does a college offer their own t-shirts for sale?

A college offers their own t-shirts for sale to increase awareness of the college and to promote pride of the college in the students. Colleges also know that t-shirts are popular with their students.

What are the Benefits of sex education to college students?

the benefits of sex education to college students is that they will know when the time is right or not and they will also know what to do when that time comes or how to protect their selves by wearing a condom.

Who is most likely to be interested in college suites?

Those most likely to be interested in college suites are students who do not live near enough the school to attend and also students who are living on campus.

What percentage of high school students play more then one sport?

Around about 1 third of High school students but it also depends on the type of school and where it also located.

How many students commit suicide due to stress?

According to the Los Angeles Times approximately 1,300 college students a year commit suicide. University students are more likely to think or commit suicide than Elementary School or High School (although suicide can occur in both schools.) The cause of this is peer pressure; too much homework; stress put upon them to get good grades by their peers at college and also in some cases their parents. Too much competition for better grades due to the rise of more students going to college is increased in some students.

How many grads from Bluefield College?

I could not find any information about how many graduates there are from Bluefield College, but they do have about 701 students enrolled according to US News. They also have students enrolled in online courses.

Does RBS Bank have good banking programs for college students?

RBS Banks do have special student accounts. They also offer loans for students for attending college. It would be advantageous to have both at the same place.

Where does funding for private school come from?

From the fees paid by the students or the students parents. Some may also get some government funding and sponsorship from business.

What is in fashion for college students?

Cardigans are very popular this season. Leather jackets are also popular.