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What percentage of high school relationships last?


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2% of high school relationships acctually last into longterm relationships and marrage.

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A few do, but most do not.

No, most relationships last only a few months while in high school. However there are many people who even grow up to marry their high school sweetheart, and I myself am in high school and have been dating a girl for almost two years. It is possible, but not common.

There is certainly the hope that they will. But the overwhelming majority of high school relationships eventually fail. Only a tiny percentage make it to marriage, and the majority of those end in divorce. But that's the point of high school relationships. You get to learn to date, learn what you like/dislike about different people, get to get your heart broken, and are still young enough that you can learn from it and move on.

they usually don't last unfortunately. some often marry their high school sweet hearts and it doesn't work out sometimes. You just need to be patient and try not to have a jealous attitude.

It depends on the compatibility level but mot middle school relationships last less than a week

In my opinion most of the high school sweethearts relationships last for a long long time. It really depends on the people though, some people that are sweethearts have a strong lasting relationship while other sweethearts don't.

in High school onward It depends on how long that person loves you and how long they want to be together. in middle school they dont even mean anything and might last a few months at the most, your better off waiting

barely any really, hig school sweethearts never last. if they do get married, the marraige never lasts.

I think that is a really low probablitity that a love in high school last.

Depends on your age. Middle school - forget the guy. High School - forget the guy. relationships rarely last in high school. Friendships last. College - go for the guy. it's time to make a change. * Personal experience.

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Be yourself! If she doesn't end up liking you, then she isn't for you! Also, if you are in middle school you shouldn't worry about relationships - worry about friendships because those are what will last you through high school and through life.

sorry to burst your bubble but only about 10%

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